All Amazon SMS messages sent via 10DLC number are blocked as spam

  • 2 September 2023
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My app sends transactional sms messages via Amazon.

With the recent Long Code retirement looming, I created an Amazon Pinpoint 10DLC campaign and it got it approved. My 10DLC number went active on August 28th, 2023. So I switched to sending my app’s text messages via the 10DLC origination number. 

This worked great for other carriers. I’m seeing 0% spam filtering for them.

However, ALL messages I send through Amazon SMS to T-Mobile numbers are now being blocked as spam. These messages have only increased in their compliance as we had to update them to get the 10DLC campaign approved.


Do you have resources to help me resolve this myself or is there somebody I could work with to resolve this issue?


2 replies

I am experiencing issues receiving text messages from my child's school via the ParentVue program. I believe the issues lies with T-Mobile because I've reached out to a couple other parents that have T-Mobile and they are having the issue.  The school's system show the messages went through successfully. After a lot of googling I think it may be related to this 10DLC regulation. The last message I successfully received was on 08/21/23. I have a ticket with T-Mobile but I need this fixed ASAP.

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There is a method for legitimate services to request that automated texts are not filtered.  I don’t know who they have to approach for it but I would assume it is someone higher up in T-Mobile that has some direct input to this practice.  When one of the work phones my girlfriend carries stopped getting automated telemetry texts from the instrument she works with at NASA that sends anomaly texts to the phone stopped.  It took less than 2 hours for her team manager to have that resolved.