10GB No Credit Check Family Plan

  • 15 January 2018
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I´m traveling with my family to US next month and last time we got a T-Mobile plan, and this time we are thinking in doing this again.

I saw the "10GB No Credit Check Family Plan" and I believe it fits well for us, but I would like to understand better how it Works, especially in terms of payment.

Sow, how much exactly I will need to pay to get 5 lines to my family as soon as I arrive there in US?

As far as I understood, it would a US$ 140 montly price, so basically I will make a deposit os US$ 140 (plus taxes, that I believe its around 7% in Florida), and nothing more?

In the small line I read that the US$ 25 Starting Kit value "may" apply. Well, will I need to pay that US$ 25,00 to each line also?

Basically I just want to know how much will I really pay to have this plan working for the 3 weeks we will be there.s from BRazil

Regards from Brazil!


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Hey @josefprado​,

We are stoked to hear that you are considering using us again for your stay. The no credit check plans are great but may not be the best for your specific situation. There would be a Sim starter kit fee for each line ($25) as well as deposits for each line $50/$30/$20/$20/$20. These deposits are fully refundable but the upfront cost of starting with a no credit check plan is going to be greater than it would be if each of your 5 lines activated on one of our pay in advance plans. It is funny that you mention that you will be here for 3 weeks as we have a Tourist plan that is a 3 week plan which gives the line unlimited data with 2GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited domestic and international texting in the US to 140+ countries and destinations, and 1000 minutes of domestic talk within the US. Also, there is no charge for the SIM starter kit so that is $125 saved right there if you are activating 5 lines. You can check out more information on our tourist plan here Tourist Plan​.

Once you get to the US, you can stop by any T-Mobile store and they can get you activated very quickly.