14 Year member here. It was fun time to move on.


Hey T-mobile thanks for everything I remember getting my Rizr phone and thinking that was the best thing because it could play a mp3 LOL :joy:

Unfortunately, the past couple years as a loyal member or even a legacy member I have not qualified for alot of the discounts others have. That seems unfair that the loyal member(s) end up paying more. I was not able to  take advantage of the hookup (20% off deal) because it was only open to new members. I was not able to take advantage of a few phone upgrades because I couldn’t add a new lines without paying an astronomical fee. And today, I was not able to add the free line to my account because it did not qualify. If I wanted to add a new line it would be $45 more. (Current plan Tmo all in)

It is really sad that at this point I will have to port my numbers out to another service in hopes of waiting for a better deal. My only suggestions to T-Mobile at this point would be to show some love to the subscribers that have been with you over the years.

Thanks again for the great service though the years and the wifi calling it was truly a life saver in some situations and I don’t mean that figuratively.

Once a loyal Customer,


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I’ve really never had any issues getting a deal on phones but I don’t buy Apple or Samsung phones.

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Sometimes that's what you have to do.  I hope you reached out to the T-Force Team through either Facebook or Twitter first though, explaining why you feel like you need to switch.  They sometimes have resources available to them to help persuade customers to stay.