$400 credit with extra installments?

  • 29 July 2019
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Hello, I want to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S10, and trade in my current Samsung S8. I read in the Terms and Conditions that in order to qualify for the $400 trade in credit, I need to make 24 installments, as the $400 off is done in monthly credits. My question is, can I make extra payments or pay remaining months in advance (via extra installments), and still receive the bill credit ?

Ive been trying to play around with bill pay features, but can't get a clear idea.


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3 replies

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Paying it off early will end the credits early unfortunately.  This change was made to keep people locked into terms for service for that specified period of time to get the full credit spread over 24 months.

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Like syaoran stated most of the monthly credit installments will end once paid off but

there are a couple of promo's that you can pay off early and keep the promo like the LG bogo

from 2018.

Usually the more expensive phones they want you locked in for service.

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Hey @magenta9455819 

This is a great question and it typically depends on the specific promotion and in this case, you can pay off the phone early and still receive the credits monthly. Please be aware that you will want to wait until at least one credit to apply to your bill before you initiate a pay off to ensure you are fully enrolled in the reoccurring device credits.

Now if you cancel the line or change your plan to one that does not qualify for this promotion, the credits will stop.