$55 per month and Samsung S9 50% off for Veterans program??

Last week, I went to T-Mobile store to change over from Verizon to T-Mobile's new Veteran discounted program.

I was told that my monthly payment would be $55 per month. I also purchased the S9 because they said it is 50% off.

Since I left last week, I received an invoice saying my monthly payment will be $80 per month.

I called T-Mobile and the rep said my new monthly payment would be $86 per month.

What is going on? Does anyone understand how this program works?



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Based on what you posted, does any of this appear to be what you have. If you purchased a device (phone) on an installment plan... that will increase your monthly cost. But, if you purchased your phone in full and did not opt for the installment plan... your bill should only be $55 dollars a month. Otherwise your bill will decrease to the $55 a month only after your installment plan is fully paid off.


$55 T-Mobile ONE Military

$31 S9 on EIP (installment Plan)


$86 TOTAL (Taxes and fees included)


$55 T-Mobile ONE Military

$25 S9 on EIP (installment Plan)


$80 TOTAL (Taxes and fees included)

Thanks for you reply.

I guess I am trying to figure out where the 50% off on the Samsung Galaxy

S9 is coming off. I did sign up for the ein.

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Hmm, it sounds like you are probably referring to this offer for your Samsung - Military Members get 50% off a Samsung Galaxy

I would suggest reaching out to T-Force on FB or Twitter and including the link above. They can help verify if you met qualifications for the offer and see what they can do for you from there! 😊 You can find their links in my signature!