55+ Plan missing detail billing info for second line

Since switching to 55+ plan with two lines, the usage details (Talk/Text/Data) only shows for the primary line and nothing for secondary line. I normally got about 24 pages of the bill, now only got about 11 or 12 pages.

Is this what supposed to be for the 55+ plan? The "best" feature if someone uses the second line, and nothing can be traced?


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You may need to contact T-Mobile by a Facebook Twitter or a phone call or message Us in an app or chat on to find out exactly why your billing information is incomplete. This is not part of the plan and is not a feature.

First I texted to "Help" and  replied by a customer support rep, he looked at my bill and confirmed this was a problem, he then three-way connected to a "??? Support". The lady did not see any problem and told me the second line is a free line (???). She was trying to switch me to another plan. I gave up after 15 minutes of arguing and thanks her for a great support.

Want me to call again? What is the "best" number to call?


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Dial 611 from a T-Mobile line.

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Oh boy. I really wish that call would have gone much smoother for you. Were you able to contact our care folks and take another shot at getting this sorted out?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for checking. A ticket was opened, 18578547. Tech support said I should log in alog into my account and download the bill in 3 days. If you can look at the ticket to see what's going on. I saw a similar post with same problem but did not see any resolution afterward.


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From what I can see, the ticket was filed yesterday and it is in an assigned status which does mean it's being reviewed. I do think it's a good idea to check it after a couple of days. I don't like asking you to wait, but this will give our team some time to look at this on our end.

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I know it has only been a couple days since the ticket was opened for you but have you heard anything back by chance?

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I just checked the detailed billing on my second line of my 55+ plan and it was all there.

It may have been a computer error.

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Thanks for chiming in @gramps28​ and I'm glad yours is showing up like it should.

@magenta3860850​ , can you take another peek at yours and see how it looks? If it's still not quite right, we'll need to allow our Help Desk team to get in there and get it working.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for still following up here. I wonder why the Help desk never contacts me to follow up, with the ticket opened.

There is no change on the result. I'm still seeing 12 pages of the bill instead of previously 25 pages.


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We will want to take a closer look at what specifically is happening here. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to send a message to our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and look over your account to see what could be causing this.

Thanks for monitoring this message. I could not believe this is just a

simple problem that a customer has to knock many doors in T-M to get this


As you are able to look at the ticket opened by a team above #666

responder, I hope you can tell this team to contact T-Force, as I don't

want to step over their toes.

Thanks again,

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T-Force will not step on any toes 😊 They can check the status of the support ticket you had already opened for this and get you an update though.

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Just wanted to check in and see if you'd had a chance to check with them! 😀


You're in T-Mobile support. How many T-Mobile support groups are they? Your

teammate, Chris, was able to look at the ticket, so would you? Why should I

go to T-Force just to ask them to tell me what's the status if they can't

do anything about it?

It has been 9 days now as the person who opened the ticket, sent me a text

message "... Trouble Ticket # 18578547 has been opened on your account.

Please allow 3 business days for team to review..."

Next time I will call #611 again and ask them to check on the ticket. I'm

sure they would pass and put me on hold 20 minutes to get to the other

support level that work on my ticket.

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I am very sorry for the delay @magenta3860850​Here on the support community, we do not have the ability to view customer accounts in a secure fashion. You can rest assured that the agent you spoke with who filed the ticket for you will follow up with you as soon as the ticket resolved.