55 plus discount


I was  sprint customer, transferred over to T Mobile. I have my father on the account with me and has been since 2011. I was sprint since 2003. We were given the 55 plus discount as my father is over 55. T mobile insists that the bill be in his name tied to his social security number. I’m having a hard time with this request I don’t see what difference it makes if he is primary or secondary. T mobile is requesting we go to into the store or make the dreaded call and transfer EVERYTHING into his name but yet I can still pay for it and service it. Why do they make it so difficult to assist the elderly?? Its obvious were not abusing the system as its just the 2 of us on the plan. Why set us up to begin with if we weren't eligible. I’m feeling beyond frustrated. I’ve expressed the concern that the senior on this policy does not have a computer and on a set budget. I work for an Elder attorney. I’m not sure f T mobile realizes this program is ridiculous and set elders up for failure. 

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