6 lines w/ Promo Plus + Netflix for 160 dollars

  • 4 February 2018
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I will explain what happened real quick. So, I am on the Family and Friends promo back in 2016. I see the notification that I can get two free lines. I message a rep in Nov 2016:

.By the way, with the promo for having free lines, I am afraid that you need to add lines on your current lines and those additional lines for up to two lines will be free.

You at 6:58, Nov 18:
So current customers that have many lines cannot take advantage? Read
You at 6:59, Nov 18:
Being a long term customer is very hard. Read
You at 7:00, Nov 18:
If I just added two more lines to the plan with this than there would be 7? How much would that cost? Read
Agent at 7:02, Nov 18:
We really appreciate you being our long time customer, Brad. Since you already have 5 lines, adding 2 lines from Nov 18 to Nov 20, will be free. That means that, the cost of your 7 lines will be still the same as what you are currently paying with your 5 lines.

So, that was the start of my mission. I had a bill over 200 dollars with 5 unlimited lines that I had for sometime because I needed to add one more line previously making the number of lines 5. The 200 dollars was not so bad. But I needed a 6th line. I figured that either they would give me two free lines or I would have two lines changed to free. Then I would be able to add a 6th line later. I called in at the reps assurance to add the 2 free lines totalling 7 lines. Which would put it at about 215 dollars for 7 lines. Seemed fine and reasonable. So, I call in and I am talking to one of the reps. He is telling me that it might not be possible for me to add two free lines and the reasoning was not clear. During the call to the first rep who was speaking to his manager about it the call dropped. I called back in and got a different rep. While talking to the second rep the first rep dialed in and I asked the second rep if I should pick up. The second rep said "I got you Brad, Travis doesn't know what he's talking about." So, the second rep switched me to the One Plan with 7 lines. I assumed after speaking to both the ding dongs I would get all 7 lines for 140-160 dollars as that is what we agreed on the phone as quoted with everything plus I was actually downgrading my unlimited plan to a lower tier unlimited plan. I thought that was okay as long as the price was right. You know. So, after closing the deal. I get a call from the 1st rep with a nervous sounding voice asking me if everything is okay. I said yes everything is okay unless I need to know something. He seemed fluttered but assured me that everything should be fine as long as I was happy. Because of his nervous voice I had two different reps recalculate everything. The price point came out to be near 300 dollars which was completely insane and ridiculous. So, I called in right away and they said "Brad we were hoping you would call in." and they sent me down to accounting. The accounting reversed everything and said "We have this thing called customers remorse." That was it. The entire thing. As soon as they said customers remorse I called complete bad on the entire situation. I could neither now get 1 or 2 free lines at all because I had to cancel off the lines which made me ineligible to get the promotion. I filed a complaint. The complaint did go through but was internal. I asked to be notified of a determination of my account whenever the complaint was finished review. They never called me. They never emailed me. They never did anything. I waited a few months. The complaint never was going to come with a review of my account. I was to say the least pissed. So, I called up and explained because I still needed that 6th line. So, they gave me 6 lines for 194 dollars or something like that on Simple Choice until said dated in 2019? 2018? I forget. But it had a very soon, in my opinion. WIth a too soon date that would eject the special givings and turn the 6 lines of SC into 10 dollar limited plans at a premium price. I called up the next month and decided to go on the 6 lines for 200 dollars on One Plan. So, I thought I would get Promo Plus but that didn't happen. Eventually they did add promo plus to all 6 lines I currently have. They tried for a couple of months to add a free line but finally gave up and credited my account for 500 dollars. I didn't ask for 500 dollars. I still just wanted the 2 free lines like originally on my unlimited plan with no throttling minus the tethering. So, after a month or two I finally sent a message directly to John and instantly I get an email alert. "John told me to help you with your account so that is what I am going to do." The person gave me Hookup which is 20% off my entire voice line bill. My bill dropped from 200 to 160. They gave me another 100 dollar credit too as assurance in case it didn't stick right away or got flung off into promotional death. So, my account has stabilized finally at 160 with 6 lines all with promo plus and netflix. But all they really had to do was to just give me the 2 free lines back in 2016 and I wouldn't have come after them for anything. I would have been completely 100% happy with my friends and family promo plan with 7 lines at 215 dollars. I wouldn't have changed anything because that would be a perfect price point for a great plan. And that is why I do not trust them and that is how I got 160 for 6 lines with netflix and promo plus.

12 replies

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Wow, this is quite the story @bradgrant . This isn't something you'll normally have to go through in order to get your account set up. For what it's worth, I'm sorry this took some time to get help. I just want to make sure, is your account the way that you want it now? We know it's super important to save money and take advantage of our promos so we'd just like to be sure that you got what you needed. Thanks!

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Now I am just waiting for two free lines and then I will have 8 total lines for 160.  😀 Cause now I know you can only have a maximum of two free lines and I have none right now.

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One thing I wish is rather than the mess of promos. Just after a year of payments on time they cut your bill by 10 percent. 2 years another 10 percent for a total of 20% after the second year. Then 5 years they cut your bill by 25%. And then that is that. And maybe after 5 years of payments on time and continuous service they could give you a free upgrade to another tier or 10 dollars off the next level tier. So, Plus would be free and international 15.

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Okay. Is there are rep helping you get your lines set up or have you not talked to them about that yet?

You've got some interesting ideas for an incentive. I can't say we'll have a promo like that in the future, but we always appreciate the ideas.

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I am going to have to wait until 2 free lines comes back around again because it isn't available and no one has that coding. But whenever it does I will be sure to add it. I have been a customer since before I had my Nexus s. 😀 The only reason why I was on Friends and Family in the first place was because we had 3 truly unlimited lines. At the time you were only suppose to have unlimited on the first two lines then after the other lines were less(I think.) They extended the Unlimited to 3 lines but wouldn't extend them to a 4th line so we could port my moms number over from the limited 30 dollar simple choice plan. Everything was moved to Friends and Family while Friends and Family did save me like 5 dollars off the total amount of upgrading a limited line to a truly unlimited line, which was never truly unlimited as my older sister left because they were charging on the tethering I believe saying we were using too much even though we really couldn't anyways because our Nexus s's were still 3G waiting to get a 4G update. But never actual 4GLTE speeds. They called it a 3.5G update even though they sold us on the idea they would be 4G. So anyways... We ended up on the Family and Friends because they wouldn't upgrade one more line to an Unlimited Plan. As soon as we upgraded everything was going okay until the throttling began on our Unlimited. Serious throttling. I got a free premium Youtube Red and I thought Youtube had gone to complete crap and even sent a message to Google about how their Red videos stuttered. I quickly found out on the forums that it was actually BingeON. I sent a letter to the FCC and a T-Mobile executive called me about it and lied to me completely saying that it was a data saver and that it was definitely not throttling. I saw later on John your CEO go spaz-o at the .eff which is a harmless non-profit organization protecting the internet for normal people. I sent a message to John telling him he should apologize to the eff but after watching John for a little bit on social media I just realized he was more like a cartoon. I found his ideas different and unique. Then quickly realized he simply made a mistake at being rude to the EFF but probably won't apologize. Now for all those short few months I was being throttled they offered me absolutely nothing but one lie after another about how BingeON actually worked. If they just told me upfront I would have been okay with turning it on or turning it off. Usually when a company gives you a forced Opt-In they give you a better incentive than just the tethering streaming. So, I have definitely had a full loss of faith in the ads presented. Now when people ask about your ads I tell them to absolutely read the documentation yourself or have the rep read the documentation.

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This is a redacted transcript from my records in part:

Reference Number: ************************

DATE/TIME: 2016-02-15 17:13:42

Your Chat Transcript

K* : We have received your information and will connect you with a T-Mobile Chat Specialist soon.

K* : Hello Brad!

You : Ok I'll try the chat one more time. It keeps timing out and I can't see the popup because it popsup behind my chat. But I'm not upset about that.

K* : I'm sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing, I know how important it is for you to maximize the use of your services, lets check on what we can do.

You : I just want to make sure my data doesn't getting zero rated deceptively sine I have unlimited.

You : I had BingeOn turned off. But still upset it was an opt out. Especially since I have unlimited. And I have had unlimited for years.

K* : I understand that.

K* : I can see that you have Unlimited 4G/LTE data with 14GB Mobile hotspot.

K* : Rest assured that your data will not be throttle.

You : Yes we changed to that a few days ago. Which was nice. But even before that my speed was being throttled by BingeON.

You : I was very upset when I found out it was throttling almost everything.

You : I thought my phone was broken or the towers were having issues.

K* : I'm sorry about that, nothing to worry everything is already set up.

You : Yes I know that but how do I know you won't attempt to apply something like this again?

You : And honestly the BingeOn descriptions aren't actually even honest in the least.

You : I have been a customer for years and have usually been satisfied but this was a shock.

K* : Your account is perfectly set up, and I assure you that this won't happen again.

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Just to show I have had small but numerous complaints. Very small like why are you throttling my Unlimited 4GLTE data that I never signed up to have video suddenly start getting choppy. Why am I being offered a VUDU movie in a hostage exchange situation that is not an equal arrangement but I core strike to deprioritize my data. So, after which I tried reading the documentation more often and though the documentation has improved it definitely has not improved in great strides. It literally took me over a month of running around back and forth with an executive before finally just giving up and T-Mobile did get sued for it. I received nothing even though I gave a consistent warning that T-Mobile will be sued for it as it violates basic contractual arrangements as the person needs to be at least more aware. So, this has been always going on with small but numerous problems.

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This is a copy of one of my emails to T-Force. Redacted again.

"Yes, it's *****. The problem is first and foremost your continued lying about the throttling. No, throttling Unlimited data is not good together. The deprioritization limit should only be suggested when talking about network management and not obviously using it as an actual data cap which you seem oblivious about.  The ads, information and even support has been 100% unknowledgeable either intentionally or ignorance is bliss. How can throttling Unlimited 4G LTE make any sense at all. It is obvious that you are hoping no one notices the on-off switch or doesn't understand what BingeON is. Also, how is this optimization. My viewport is correct at 1920x1080 with BingeON off. My phone screen is 1080p. This is optimal quality and rate for my phone. But when BingeON is on it drops my resolution to 360 which is even less than the 480. Carefully review the data in the screen shot which will elaborate on my normal optimal screen resolution. When BingeON is on I can't even collect data correct because even taken a screenshot while the throttling is happening will case the player to ultimately crash, stutter or simply not move ahead. The BingeON is simply deception at its finest. You call it optimization? How? Do you optimize the bitrate? No you do not optimize anything at all. You actually throttling companies not even on the list and still charge data for degraded service. Zero rating shouldn't ever be put on a top tier account. Also you've always packaged tethering and on phone data separately but have no individual switch for tethering and for on phone data. It also shouldn't matter if I have turned BingeON off or not. BingeON was added and was throttling my line. This is a trust issue. There was no understanding of BingeON because of the confusing ads and information about it. My entire writing to you is about informed consent, throttling and deception in your ads.

On Feb 18, 2016 10:26 AM"

And I did send in actual evidence of the throttling but they kept saying it wasn't throttling. This is what eventually lead me to want to lower my bill which ended up me trying to add two more lines for free. Which cost an entire year of constantly messaging until my eyes bled.

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I feel like I am entitled to whatever melt down I want about all of this.

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At the time one of your executives said "We didn't think about the unlimited customers on your plan because we don't make any money from you." I was like okay well if you don't make that much money from me then maybe I shouldn't be paying a premium price either because my money is obvious worthless. Isn't it now. And these were chats, phone calls with executives which I still have my notes on and so on and on. It was unpleasant. Now I am usually pretty nice. All I usually want is a promise that if something goes wrong I will get adequate support for it. Complete and utter lack of respect to me consistently. Now it has gotten a lot better with the changes and simplified architecture of the plans. But still.

Hi Brad,

This is David, I'm Tmobile account holder for more than 4 years. I have the same issue like yours with Tmobile ONE, I was promised by Tmobile rep for 5lines $140/month (F&F promotion or 2 lines for FREE...I don't even remember what the promo name) after I accepted the deal then never got the bill right because they charged me $180/5 lines. Since then I need to call every month to ask $40 credit and complained to the rep Tmobile using "Bait and Switch" to hook me into the deal, then the rep will credit me $40 every month. What a hassle! But I need to call in order to get my $40 credit each month 😥

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You need to demand they fix it.