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  • 29 June 2022
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I see the 1 year of free AAA subscription being offered by TMOBILE  I already have the premium aaa for $90 so How can we get the two combined and tmobile would pay its $60 and I would pay the balance kind of like How tmobile pays for my Netflix but I pay the $4 for the upgraded version thanks Please help 

7 replies

I received the offer today. It says first year of AAA Classic membership is free and after a year automatically renews at up $83/year after year On Us.  That is $83/year. What doesn’t make sense is the AAA Classic membership is $59.99. Why the difference of having to pay $83/year vs $59.99/year?

I keep getting a processing error when I try to redeem this. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, what was the fix? Thanks all.



Where do we even use the stupid coupon on the AAA site?

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Where do we even use the stupid coupon on the AAA site?



And we I get redirected, it does not apply the discount, nor does it show a place to enter the code, and after 15 minutes when I checked it said that the coupon had been redeemed.  😤

Getting this after getting redirected from t-mobile to AAA:
We're Sorry!
Our records indicate that your T-Mobile offer
***-*** is no longer valid. Please call 877.750.4795 for assistance.

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You can try this link.

AAA Discount