Account hijacked, tmobile 611 is closed, what can I do?

  • 1 August 2020
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Received an email from my email provider on my backup account stating my password has been changed along with other accounts. I found out it was done through my cell phone number as the authenticator.

Looked at my phone and it is no service and when I called 611 on my wife’s phone and there is no one available to help me. Someone hijacked my cell and I cannot get anyone at tmobile to help me right now to gain access.

Is there anything I can do?

2 replies

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Contact Tmobile on Facebook or Twitter. Tell them it’s urgent.

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Hopefully the hacker hasn’t changed your recovery phone number for your e-mail accounts after they have gained access.  If they have, that will make them incredibly hard to get back.  Good luck!  

I don’t have anything useful to add that can help you get your number back, but I am curious as to how this seems to happen to people every so often.  A few times a year, you see a post like this.   The best advice I can offer to anyone though to secure their devices better, would be to always disable NFC and Bluetooth, don’t use public WiFi, use a Google Voice number for any security recovery that you might feel is questionable, and keep a close eye on your device.  A person trying to read your SIM card would have to be within 6 or so feet of you if you have NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi off on your device.  Also try to remember that when ever we all go shopping, those anti-theft alarms things you walk through to go enter and exit a store can also read your phone, credit cards, and smart ID and those are not that hard to compromise, especially by someone who works in a store using those.  Contactless payment systems are another thing to avoid as well.