Account was suspended despite paying my bill, and is now "stuck in a suspended state"

  • 23 February 2021
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I have a $40 prepaid line. I woke up this morning to see my phone was disabled. After checking my account it says it was suspended for non payment. After checking my bank account I see this isn’t true. I tried to contact Tmobile by telephone just to be told by an automated message several times that Tmobile is not able to help me at this time followed by a hang up. I tried through the chat who moronically insisted that I have to call despite me telling him several times that the phone line was not accepting my call, from either my cell or my land line.

A few hours later I was finally able to get through just to be told that my account was “stuck in a suspended state” and they had to open a ticket with their technicians and would get back to me within 72 hours….

On what planet is it even remotely acceptable that I should have to go without phone service on a line I use for work among all things for up to 3 days because TMobile cannot get their crap together…. This Sprint merger seems to have resulted in taking on all the bad qualities that had people fleeing Sprint and added ZERO benefits….

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