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  • 30 October 2017
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I'm from Brazil and I have a SIM that i used in my last visit to USA in 2014. That time I activated a prepaid plan for using during my visit. I'll visit USA again next December and I want to know if I can activate my SIM just before my trip to arrive with the service working. Somebody know if this is possible?


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6 replies

I doubt it. T-Mobile is pretty aggressive about deleting old SIMs that are not active.

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Hey Gustavo! @drnewcomb2​ is correct. With a SIM card that old, you will not be able to reactivate it 😥 You can however stop by your nearest T-Mobile store upon your arrival and activate a new SIM card.

I think go to the nearest store will be the best option. Thanks for your link, I just found a T-Mobile close to the airport, I'll go there when I arrive in USA.

I'm curious about this... my friend who came to the US in June is coming back again for Christmas, and was wondering the same thing... can she just reuse the same sim card she had before on a simply prepaid plan?

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It's possible that her SIM card may have been deactivated going that long without use. When she gets to the US, she can call 611 from her phone (number to our care team) and if it works, the SIM card can still be used. If it does not work, she will need to pick up a new SIM card at one of the local T-Mobile stores.

Hi ! I have a SIM card and it’s activate by 08.27.2021 . I have SIM card number puk code aswell but when I try to use it or buy a new plan it says this number invalid . What should I do for this ? I want to make it active