Activate SIM as new line?

  • 2 December 2019
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I bought a new phone at the Apple store, and they gave me a T-Mobile sim card with it, which I put in the phone.  How do I activate this SIM as a new line?  I can see options on the website to order a new SIM (which seems unnecessary) or to change the SIM for an existing line (which I don't want to do).  I even tried ordering a SIM with the hope that it would give me the option to change the SIM to the one I just got, but it doesn't work.  It seems crazy that there would be no way to do this.  Do I have to call support?


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You need to contact Customer Care to activate any SIM that is sold unactivated. You should be able to call 611 from the unactivated SIM to reach Customer Care.

It's too bad that the website doesn't have this information, and in fact encourages you not to contact support by warning of a $20 fee (which seems not to apply to this situation).