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I recently moved overseas and would like to keep my T-mobile number in case I go back to the US in 2-3 years. As told by a T-mobile representative by phone most affordable way of keeping your number is to get a prepaid SIM card and transfer my number to this new prepaid card. A friend just sent me a T-mobile pre paid SIM card that I ordered online through their website, but once I inserted the new SIM card it doesn’t activate itself. I’m following all these steps as I was told by the T/mobile agent by phone and they don’t offer me any solution… I just don’t want to pay my $60/month contract for something I’m not be using so I wonder if anyone knows how to activate my pre paid card from Europe and keep my original number.


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Usually, the device would have to be connected to the T-Mobile Network in order to be activated, which means, you would have to activate it within the US.  In some cases though, with a compatible device that supports T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling, a SIM can be activated if the device connects to T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling.  If it only connects to WifI and WiFi Calling is not active, then it will not work.  Even if it connects to WiFi Calling, there is no guarantee it will work either, but some have been luckier than others.  

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You can always port it to google voice for a $20 fee.


You can always port it to google voice for a $20 fee.

Interesting, do I still need to pay my $60 monthly t-mobile fee if I port my number to Google Voice?