Adding additional line to grandfathered Simple Choice Plan

  • 5 February 2022
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I have been a tmobile customer for over 8+ years. Beware all customers trying to add a current promotional line to their grandfathered Simple Choice Plan!  Tmobile said my line qualified and it would be $10/month to add the line and includes a new phone with some promotional discounts off the phone price itself which comes back as monthly credits for 2 years (a pretty typical tmobile promo).  They said over and over there is no additional cost and do not worry my data plan will match the base Simple Choice account, which is data unlimited for all lines.  After activation, I found that there was no data plan with the new line.  After many days/weeks of complaining to Tmobile and talking to many of their “expert help” and as well as visiting a physical store, they just said the line is working perfectly and exactly as expected, so the best they can do because im on a discontinued Simple Choice Plan, they can only add free 3G data to the 1 line…  Or I can add an upgrade data plan to just this 1 line for an additional $15 or $30 per month depending on the amount of 5G data I want.  So bottom line is BUYER BEWARE when adding another line to your Simple Choice Plan, Tmobile will trick and lie to you so they can actually charge you more $$ for your additional line!  I tried to return everything but since Tmobile took so long in figuring all this BS out, it was beyond the 14 day buyers remorse return period…

2 replies

Hi, I just experienced the same thing. If your issue is still not resolved, reach out to T-Mobile via Facebook or twitter message. They got it fixed for me quickly.

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Sorry to hear about your situation. As you found out, TMO’s official policy is that no lines can be added to a plan once that plan is no longer available. The flip side is that you get to keep you original plan and lines for as long as you want without being forced to change. Each time I asked about adding a line to get a promotional offer I was consistently told that I would have to change all my lines to the same promotional plan.

Having said that, there is one way I was able to add a line and keep that line on my discontinued plan. I added a line by transferring a line from ATT to TMO and the rep that managed my transfer was able to configure that new line with my old plan. Not sure if this is still offered but it worked for me. This was about 5 yrs ago.