Adding line from another T-mobile account - SIM question

  • 30 July 2020
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Hi everyone,

My partner has been on her family plan with T-mobile but they’re moving to another company so we want to move over her line to my account. Since she doesn’t need a device or a SIM, can this be done fully remotely? Does anyone know if we have to port her number before her family closes the old account? I tried to do it online but it told me I had to call. Would the SIM card need to be replaced for any reason? With the same SIM and phone, she would also keep her number if we moved the line over right?

We’re out of the country at the moment so having to go in person or having to ship the SIM card abroad would probably be difficult. 

Any advice?

2 replies

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You need to call in to tmobile and do a change of responsibility.

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Whoever owns the family plan she is currently on, would have to give the go ahead to Tmobile, calling in from their line. Is your plan prepaid or postpaid? Is her current plan prepaid or postpaid? They must match or you’ll need a new SIM. ALSO, make sure to keep her old plan active until her number has fully ported to your plan! :wink: