All calls to T-Mobile 611 go directly to T-Mobile reps in Philippines from 03 to 12-2021

  • 21 December 2021
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I have been calling 611 from March 2021 to December 2021 about 20 times per month trying to just simply get assistance regarding billing and technical support; and literally every single one of my calls go to T-Mobiles representatives located in the Philippines, overseas. I have requested to speak to a supervisor, manager, or even T-Mobile complaints department for 10 months. I have taken multiple surveys and explained this same issue. T-Mobile Reps in Philippines then transfer me to T-Mobile Reps in London or UK. Prior to T-Mobile merger with Sprint. Customer Service with T-Mobile any time of the day was awesome, fast, efficient and you were not kept on the phone at all. A T-Mobile team was normally assigned and you even had a follow up call from those team members making sure your services were working properly and questions were completely answered. I do not know what happened since Merger??? My services have been extremely poor-horrible, customer service with T-Mobile has been a complete nightmare!! Although, they apologize repeatedly, are very patient and nice, you have to constantly repeat the same issue to reps in Philippines. Unfortunately, the issues are then misconstrued into something you did not ask for or requested.  I literally spend about 40 minutes or more than an 1 hour explaining those same issues to reps over and over and over and over again. I have stayed on the phone literally several hours per day trying to get assistance. Have been severely inconvenienced and have wasted an tremendous amount of time and hours per day. I have been begging to speak to someone within US regarding my billing and technical issues. Placing calls from morning, to afternoon, and well into the evening, on holidays, during vacation, it does not matter. The assistance is the same, extremely circular, repetitive and you cannot get anyone from US with T-Mobile. Reps repeatedly apologize, state they cannot and refuse to transfer my call to a US representative and repeatedly stated they are unable to do that. One rep stated wait until we call you back because your calls will only be directed to us. No has called me back in two or more weeks now. They state they will have a supervisor and manager to call you back and no never calls back. I am literally on the call now and have been placed on hold, now being told the call cannot be transferred. I do not understand this? I am located within US and not located in Philippines or UK, do not travel internationally and I am not understanding why my calls are all going directly to T-Mobile Reps in Philippines?? I’m a regular T-Mobile customer and not with T-Mobile Boost nor on a T-Mobile pay as you go phone nor Prepaid. I have a regular plan with all monthly payments being paid on time since sign up 2018. Not understanding why my line of service is going directly to Reps in Philippines??? Reps explained they are paid to assist T-Mobile customers and have to work that way and this was not like this prior to merger with Sprint. Someone please assist. I have not been able to resolve anything with the past 10 months.   I am unable to login into my T-Mobile account as well. Immediately after I login I am booted off account immediately and message appears. Repeatedly told to reset password and have not been able to view my online account in several months as well. I have been trying to resolve billing and technical issues. They read off a script and no assistance is ever provided. Assistance is extremely limited. I traded in an iPhone and amount of $468.00 was never applied to my account for that phone. Reps were able to confirm receipt of the device via serial number and I have literally not been able to resolve any of my issues for more than 10 months, from March 2021 to December 2021. Today my call into T-Mobile started at 3:40pm to 4:40pm and still going, and was just told again hold, holding for 20 minutes and call would be transferred to US Rep. A rep name Sam is online from Philippines.  Again, this rep from Philippines asked me to hold again and I have not received any assistance from anyone within US where I am actually located. What is seriously going on?

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This is the exact same thing I am going through.  It’s been 6 months for me.  Countless calls chats and in person store visits. Wtf is going on.  My bill is over 340 per month. Give me a break was supposed to be 140.  I don’t know what else to do. Maybe legal action?

This is exactly what I have been experiencing for the past 3 weeks now. Still on hold even now while typing. Reps overseas instead of assisting you with your request, causing you even more trouble. Lack of communication skills. They take their time to say how sorry the feel which takes about 5 to 10 minutes to say it and frustrates you even more. Not that I blame others for lack of language skills its just those with lack of communication skills should not be working in this industry. They keep saying personal guarantee but not sure how to claim this guaranty once they either promise to get back and never do or simply drop your call without getting back. I ask them to repeat my concern they come back to me with completely irrelevant subject. Dear TMOBILE change your reps if you care about wellbing of your customers. 



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there is also the Facebook/Twitter route of contacting TMO...going this route lands you with tier 2 support instead of the call in tier 1 support.