Allow daughter to upgrade phone

  • 14 September 2020
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I would like to upgrade my daughter’s phone to the GalaxyS20 and take advantage of the trade in offer as she has an S9 in good condition. She presently is in college and living 5h away from us. Is there a way I can pre-approve her upgrading the phone and adding it to the account? 



2 replies

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You should be able to do it online and have the phone and mailing label sent to her address.

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You could also give her permission through Customer Care to allow her to make account changes and purchases.  Then she can go into a store and get her new device and then have the stuff sent to her to send in her device.  Just make sure you keeps a copy of the tracking number and the devices IMEI that she is going to send in along with some pictures to prove the condition it was in before sending it.