Allow the executor of my will access to my phone

  • 21 April 2021
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So I’m make sure all my affairs are in order in case something happens to me.  I’ve done the typical stuff with a will and the like but the thing is that have dozens and dozens of online accounts, some of which have monetary value or access to important information.

The thing is that many of them require phone verification if access from a new devices, the biggest example being Google.  It all goes back to my phone.

If something happens to me and my phone and my executor doesn’t have access to my physical phone, what can I put in place to make sure that person has the access needed?  If I could forward all txt messages from the webpage, that would work but it appears that isn’t possible.

Does T-Mobile have any options for specifying a digital heir?  

2 replies

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I would probably leave a set of “final instructions” that included my T-Mobile passwords.