Ally Bank Verification not coming through

  • 14 May 2018
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I switched two days to T Mobile from Verizon Wireless. I can't get the Ally Banking verification code via text to authorize my moblie app on my new phone. Same issue with other apps that require it. I called support twice, saying short code is unblocked. I'm trying to find a solution.



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4 replies

BTW my phone is a Huawei Mate SE

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Hmmm -- verifying with your bank (and any apps that use short codes to send verification texts for 2FA) is important!
I know you mentioned that our internal teams looked into this and weren't seeing issues -- are you still having trouble? Sometimes when we enable things, it can take a day or two to catch up. If you're still having problems, can you let us know what type of plan you're on and whether or not you enabled DIGITS? Thank you!

I called ally, and they sent the verf. code to my email instead.

Thank you for reaching out.

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Well, that's good to hear! I'm glad there was a workaround, it's nice to have a flexible bank! I'm just sorry we weren't able to solve this for you to save you those extra steps. 😊
If this pops up again we're happy to help troubleshoot if needed -- thank you for the update!