Almost 2 decades with T-mobile, but switching to AT&T today thanks to horrible customer service.

  • 28 September 2022
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Started with making a payment arrangement.  I set up a payment arrangement recently.  I was going to pay my outstanding balance today (9-29-22, payday).  Somehow the system gave me payment dates of the 25th and the 27th!  Called sunday, spoke to Jasmine.  After 45 minutes of her repeating the same thing about some button she can’t push and NOT transferring me to the supervisor, she says she set up an alert so that if my service is disconnected before i make my payment this afternoon, she will waive the reconnect fees and manually restore my service.  Well, of course at 6:30 this morning my service was disconnected.  Noone available to speak to before 7.  At 7, spoke to Dexter who read the notes and said that he saw what Jasmine said but he himself was unable to do it and it had to be Jasmine.  He said he would send a message to Jasmine.  I asked for a supervisor and was told they were all in a meeting.  3 hours later I haven’t heart anything so I called back.  Spoke to someone (didn’t get her name) who read off a speech about all the things we couldn’t do and according to the notes on the account nobody told me anything about a manual re-connect.  Asked for the supervisor because she kept saying she looked through the transcripts of my conversation with Jasmine, but i asked could someone review the actual recording so they can hear their employee telling me what she said.  I was put on hold.  3 times she came back to tell me they were reviewing the information.  Finally she comes back to say there was nothing she could do, the supervisor said so.  Again I asked if someone reviewed the recording and she admitted she hadn’t and couldn’t.  So again I ask for supervisor.  Then came Cicily.  The single most arrogant, condescending and rude person I have spoken to at T-Mobile ever.  She proceeded to tell me there is nothing to be done to give me any help until I’ve made a payment.  I asked her if she reviewed the recording, she said she didn’t need to.  Repeated the payment speech 3 more times.  I asked again if she reviewed the recording, then she told me i was interrupting her.  I let her finish everything she wanted to say. Then I asked again if someone would review the tape so that they could see i wasn’t making it up.  She finally said she did hear toward the end of the call that Jasmine did in fact tell me she would manually reconnect my service, but that she was wrong and should not have said that and that I didn’t need to know what was going to happen to Jasmine (which i didn’t ask).  I said, so you know that i was given incorrect info after repeatedly asking for a supervisor and there is still nothing you can do to help me.  She then repeated her make a payment speech.  I asked to speak to her supervisor to which she replied “I am the supervisor”.  So I again asked for someone above her in the organization chart.  She said there is “no one else here”.  I said so is there any one anywhere I could speak to.  She said no.  I asked her name and she gave it.  I told her i would be listing her name as the reason i’m leaving a company that i have loved for almost 20 years and her response was “that’s fine”.  I am livid.  I understand that it is my responsibility to pay my bill on time and this is hardly the first time i’ve been late.  But I have always paid my bill (a pretty substantial bill i might add), but in this terrifying economy where most of us live paycheck to paycheck, you mean to tell me that a few hours extension is too much to give a longtime, loyal customer?  And to be spoken to in such a manner.  ABSOLUTELY LIVID!!  Thanks to Cicely, When my paycheck does hit this afternoon, I will be using it to take AT&T up on one of the many offers i have declined in the past due to my loyalty to T-Mobile.

3 replies


24 years with SPRINT, I’m looking for a different cell service as well!   Worst customer service EVER!

After the disrespect I've had today I am leaving too!!  Horrible!!

Me and my 8 lines will be leaving once our credit is gone. I was promised a price in the store and months later still not fixed except a supervisor telling me they can't override the system since the code the rep entered was invalid. So I get screwed because of your employees screw up... I think not.

Whatever bye, I'll never be back or try the service ever again in my life.