Am I being charged extra for using data outside the US?

  • 3 August 2019
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I'm currently in Portugal. I turned on my phone and it says that I got unlimited data up to 2G speed and texts. However, I turned on my roaming and it shows LTE instead of 2G. Does that mean I'm being charged extra? Or is it how this is supposed to be? Do I need to change any settings to show "2G" instead?


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T-Mobile really needs to change their terminology wrt this. It's not "2G data" it's whatever data throttled to about 2G speeds. Which means that you get free data at about 128 kbps, which is plenty for e-mail, facebook (not videos) and most other uses but not videos. If you want to use Google Maps, use the download area feature when you're on WiFi. It works much better that way.

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