Am I charged for incoming calls from US?

  • 28 September 2018
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Hi, I always make outbound calls on WiFi.

I'm living in the EU and receive (incoming) calls from the US. I'm on the T-Mobile ONE Military plan.
Am I charged for incoming calls from the US? (I know I have unlimited talk but wanted to make sure this is part of the deal)




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Also, the logic is, that's INCOMING. You did not make the call and are only receiving it.

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Also, the logic is, that's INCOMING. You did not make the call and are only receiving it.

Right, I get the logic but there are other carriers that (at least used to) charge for an incoming OR outgoing call.

So, since incoming calls are cellular (unless that person's on wifi, too), there is no fee for taking their call, right?


The link at the top gives a better explanation.

Oh, wifi calling IS NOT free even if you are both on WIFI (especially international calls).

You are thinking about third party app calling (like facetime / fb)


YOU on Wifi --> Wifi Network  --> Internet --> Tmo Servers convert your call to NORMAL cell call --> Tmo Tower --> Other phone

See, it goes through the normal cell tower. No way for it to know that the other phone is also on wifi calling.

The only reason it is free in the US with TMO is WHEN you have unlimited minutes:

TMO tower (checks your plan, decides if you are charged or not) ---> Other phone

And since it goes through the towers:

TMO tower (checks number if international or local  then checks your plan, decides how much you are charged) ---> Other phone

While calling via App is like this (no TMO tower involved)

FacebookGuy  --> Internet --> Facebook Server <-- Internet <-- FacebookGirl

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In theory, if you are on WiFi, you should be able to receive incoming calls from anywhere for free (with your plan). If you are roaming the local cellular system, you will be charged the appropriate rate for whatever country you are in. I say "in theory" because the system has been known to produce some strange results. It would be best to put your phone in airplane mode then turn WiFi back on to make sure you aren't using cellular.

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Agreed with @drnewcomb2 100%, it's the only way to be sure that you won't accumulate cellular charges (other than going into your settings and selecting "Never Use Cellular Network" from your WiFi calling options, just don't forget to switch it back when you are ready to get back onto T-Mobile's cellular network officially).

And outgoing calls made on WiFi to US numbers are indeed free, according to the above document.

If you have an unlimited plan (T-Mobile ONE™ or Simple Choice rate™), all incoming calls, all incoming messages, and all outgoing calls and messages to U.S. phone numbers are free while connected to Wi-Fi Calling.

If you accept/make a call and you are not on WiFi with WiFi calling enabled (very important to make sure it is on, as sometimes it's not automatic), incoming and outgoing calls to/from any country (including the US) are billed at $0.25/minute, provided you are in a Simple Global country.

Great, thank you for your help....all of these pieces are really helpful.



Thank you very much for your help! I appreciate all the details.