Am i eligible for the iphone promo?!?

  • 24 November 2020
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Three days ago I bought a new iPhone 12 at my local T-Mobile store. The associate told me I was not eligible to trade in my current phone (iPhone XS) as it was still owed. I paid it off there and bought my new phone full price. 
I later remembered about an iPhone 8 that we have laying around the house. I went back to the store and asked if I could return my iPhone and buy a new one by taking advantage of the iPhone $500 off promo by trading in the iPhone 8. 
She told me my line was no longer eligible for the promo. But when I went to another store I was told I could definitely do that and get the promo. 

I tried to return my phone at the store that would allow me to get the promo but was told I have to return it where I purchased it. I know if I go back there they will tell me the same thing, I’m not eligible. 
Can I just return the new iPhone, reactivate my old phone and go to a new store to get the promo or is my line really no longer eligible. 

We currently have 5 lines in good standing with T-Mobile. 

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