am i wrong

  • 16 January 2022
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I used to go through boost but I saw this deal for T-Mobile come to us we'll give you a free Galaxy phone well so I switched services but instead I wanted the Galaxy z flip so I ordered it two weeks goes by I have to call them I said where's my phone oh we we don't have that one anymore so we're going to send you the a12 not to mention that I was supposed to have a line added for my wife too and she just wanted the new iPhone not only did I not get the z phone I got the back shelf burner the a12 and my wife didn't get a phone like we were told I switched services then not even a month goes by 2 weeks and I'm told oh you're $108 after the lady on the phone that switched my services supposedly for free I'm supposed to get a new phone and free activation or whatever and then also make it build hundreds of dollars and I'm also set up through the ebb program but my service has been shut off my wife doesn't have a phone and I've got a back burner phone that barely works it looks nice kind of what do you think am I wrong. Also I didn't know that I was going into a contract I was with boost I only had to worry about $25 a month now they want me to pay $100 a month for one line and a back burner phone I'm not too interested in this company right now T-Mobile's burning me


1 reply


I must add every commercial you see on TV oh switch services you get this new phone and $1,000 and I didn't get nothing but a bill and I already owned my phone now I don't even own this phone can't get it unlocked and they want me to pay $100 for one phone and they shut me off I can only use it on Wi-Fi thanks