Amsher Collection Notice?

  • 7 April 2016
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I recently got a notice from Amsher Collection Agency about a balance due to tmobile. I also received one from Convergent. After months of convergent sending me e-mails and letters in the mail I never paid anything to them. Now it ;s showing on my credit as a removed collection. Then I received the Amsher letter weeks later. I did cancel my T-mobile service early. Should I pay Amsher? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

7 replies

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cassienator1 wrote:

Should I pay Amsher?

I'm not fully understanding your account history. To keep is simple, if you owe money, I would pay it. If you already paid or they are billing for services not received, take it up with the collection agency, T-Mobile, and the credit reporting agencies.

Bad debt gets sold from one collection agency to another.

If you owed money to T-Mobile and the collection is a valid one, you should negotiate with the collector. However you are saying the debt is removed from your credit report and I am wondering how and why? Did you successfully dispute the collection with the credit bureaus?

Make sure you don't have it on your credit report, if you do, settle with the collector and make sure they submit the settlement to credit bureaus or remove the account completely (possible in some cases).

In the meantime, you don't need good credit to have a cellular service. If you do keep your credit in good standing, though, it would help you live beyond your means 😊

sorry i should've went more in depth. When i recieved the one from Convergent I left it alone for months I didn't pay anything. A couple of weeks ago i received a letter from Amsher saying i had a debt with T-mobile. I know I had a balance with t-mobile when I cancelled and I never paid it. I heard Convergent was a scam from a lot of different people so I didnt want to risk it. Last week I saw my credit score and it said that the Convergent collection was removed and its still sitting there. I want to know if anyone has paid Amsher for debt collection before? Also would I be able to remove the Convergent from my credit?

thanks again

sorry i went more in depth if you can help me out. thanks

Anything I recommend here is only a personal suggestion. You own your own debt and it is your life. You are probably aware not paying debt would cripple your future plans as it diminishes your creditworthiness (I don't necessarily believe in or support the credit reporting system or creditworthiness measures).

If you are willing to pay this, you need to make sure the collection agency removes it from your credit files and sends you an official letter stating that the debt was settled and removed from credit bureaus, with references to their removal requests to credit bureaus. You should check your free annual credit reports and/or online credit monitoring services to make sure the collection account gets removed, or at least moves to the "accounts in good standing" section from "adverse accounts" section.

Also negotiate the payment as "Settlement", you need not pay the full amount. The collection agency probably bought it for pennies on the dollar.

Don't pay the collections agency! Email the CEO and he will have someone get back to you and you can pay through T-Mobile and they will be pulling the account from the CA and sending notification to the Credit Agency to have it removed. Customer service has no authorization to do this. You'll have to go higher. Just Google the CEO and you should find his email address.

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