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  • 2 January 2021
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I found an app that was loaded into my phone and I did not choose to do this, it was either LG, T Mobile or Google Play. I have no idea of what it does, how it found its way on my phone but it also shows up in my Google account as activity. I didn’t find anything on Google (the search engine) about it but it put me on the GitHub site. Isn’t GitHub a place for public and shared software for developers and hackers?

Please, if you know more about this, let me know that you have info regarding this to share BUT DO NOT SHARE IT POSTED ON HERE. I can provide a way to send it to me without posting your info or content on here. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS is if you are an employee of T Mobile and consider it vital information that all T Mobile clients should know.

The app is :  


The “dot” is the usual punctuation resembling a period marking in standard English LOL I did this for security.

I hope to get some news

1 reply

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The app is one of LG’s voicemail apk’s.