Another assurant victim, lost phone

  • 15 September 2020
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Returned my phone in the provided package and even put tape on the envelope to seal it even more. Called a couple weeks ago they said they had it but haven't scanned it in yet. Since I'm set up for automatic payments they charged me $510 for an old samsung note 8. We've been on the phone for hours and nobody can figure it out and keep saying it takes time and they put in a claim. How about they figure it out and then bill me after they do their research? Assurant is a scam and I dont know how tmobile continues to do business with them.

I'm also worried about personal info that was left on that phone. What if there's an employee there taking these phones out of the packages? 

If this doesn't get resolved I'm switching to Verizon. They have a deal through my employer which is basically the same as what I'm paying here. 

1 reply

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Anyone having Assurant issues, I would highly recommend filing a complaint with the FTC.