Another lost phone, another lost credit. Has anyone escalated this with apositive resolution?


I bought 3 new iPhone 15’s in consecutive months earlier in the year. On my personal phone purchase, they never received the trade in from UPS.  I called initially and they said it was in Texas, and to give it a little more time. After getting a text from them 4 months later, they removed my $400 credit for non-return.

I call in and they said all the right things. Roy, you did your part, let’s see how we can fix this. They assign the case to their “lost phones unit’ which meets yearly behind a dumpster for 15 minutes in Van Nuys, California. My agent said she would personally call me back and get this handled.

My agent comes back to me a week later on a scheduled call and asks me to file a claim with UPS. Turns out, you can only file within 60 days which is well past at this point. I said I've been calling you for months now, why didn’t you ask me to do this at the outset?

She puts me on hold, then comes back with this: “Roy, I am going against company guidelines but we are prepared to offer you $100”! I told her to keep it and I’ll just move my business back to Verizon. Yes, I know it happens everywhere, but that 4 month “dance” for nothing, lost them a customer. I buy 3 new phones this year and give them solid monthly business, and this is how they treat you. 

Why do they even need the phone? To break up for parts and sell to some third world country? Also, why do they continue to use UPS, unless they are in on this scam. 

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