Any one have 2+2 free lines plan from Nov 2016

I joined Tmobile 2+2 lines back in Nov 2016, paying $120+ tax for 4 lines. It seems to be a good deal. Fast forward to Jan 2017, I chose to change to Tmobile one tax/fee included, per Tmobile website, the new plan rate should be $130 including everything. But until now, the plan charge of my bill is still 120+20+20=160. Any one in the same boat as me? I could not find the original Tmobile description on its website. Google search found this,

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If I signed up for T-Mobile ONETM during the 4th line free promotion (or buy 2 get 2) will my price increase?

As a reward for being an early adopter of T-Mobile ONE, customers on these earlier promotions are exclusively eligible for a new promotion that saves them even more money than their current monthly service charge after taxes/fees.

  • If you have the 4th line free promo, you currently pay $140 plus taxes and fees for 4 lines. The new offer for those customers is 4 lines for $150 with taxes and fees included. These customers will save even more money than with the promo
  • Buy 2 Get 2 price goes from $120 + taxes and fees to $130 with taxes and fees included.
  • You will lose any ‘free lines’ you have, but in virtually all cases you will save money vs either promotion.


Messaging tmobile rep does not help much, any suggestions? is there any offer code for this?



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I hear ya!

My only concern is these plans have already expired. Here on the forum, we don't have to tools to make changes to your plan or look at other options you may be able to take advantage of. At this point, you'd have to Community-2153  and get in touch with a Care rep to look at your account and see what if there are any other deals you can get that are still active.

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I want to help sort this out because the last thing you need is a bill that's higher than you expected. Just to be clear, you do have 4 lines correct? I'm looking at the Cell Phone Plans | Unlimited Data Plans | T-Mobile One  page and I am showing the T-Mobile All In plan for 4 lines is $160 with taxes and fees included. Was this the plan you opted for or was this promotional plan that came out around the January time frame?

It came out from Jan 2017. Not the current 4 lines for 160. I do have 4 lines, it came as 22 free lines for 120tax in Nov 2016, then I opt for 4 lines for 130 when the new tax included plan came out in Jan. per my original post, there is a special promotion for 2+2 customer,  which is 130 per month. The original T-Mobile FAQ can not be located on T-Mobile website, but Google search can find the content.

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I'm curious, how long did the rep say the change would take? I feel like it's a bit odd this didn't switch over. I'm curious if you contacted care recently to revisit this topic. I'll keep digging here on my end. I really wanna make sure we shine some light on this. Thanks for coming here and letting us know about this.

Well, I have texted twice, 3/6 and 4/29 about this, no real answer was given. The second time, the response was: he could not find such a promo at all.

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I did some digging and I was able to find info about both the plans you mentioned. The November plan from 2016 looks like our "Friends and Family 2 Lines on Us" promo we ran during the tail end of that month. Were you trying to get back to that plan, or the promo that started at the end of January?

What are the rates for the 2 plans you mentioned? Thanks

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The one from November is called "Friends and Family 2 Lines on Us." The other one from January is called "T-Mobile ONE 4th Line Free and 2 Lines On Us Special." Just looking at those 2 plans, I'm thinking these are the ones you're talking about.

I will go whichever is cheaper 🙂.

I could not find the Jan one you mentioned, what's the cost for it?

My understanding for Nov plan, cost is 120taxfee; for Jan one I signed up cost is 130 (tax, fee included).

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I hear ya!

My only concern is these plans have already expired. Here on the forum, we don't have to tools to make changes to your plan or look at other options you may be able to take advantage of. At this point, you'd have to Community-2153  and get in touch with a Care rep to look at your account and see what if there are any other deals you can get that are still active.

My friend, I already signed up the tax and fee included back in Jan. Why do I need to join the plan you are talking about?

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Sorry, that was my goof. 😜 I thought you were looking change your plan. To your original question, you'd still wanna give our care team a holler so they can look at your plan and go over the cost. They can take a look and help clear things up.

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Were you able to reach customer care to fix this problem????

Did you get resolution to this problem? I have the same exact problem and have been on the phone several times with various levels of t-mobile reps and they don't see it. I have spent several frustrating hours over several months with t-mobile on the phone and they can't resolve it. I've been with t-mobile for years but thinking of dumping them because of it. All they have to do is look at the FAQ from January 2017 when they rolled it out. Fortunately everything on the internet is archived and here's the link below if anyone wants to look. It's under the "Got Questions" link.

T-Mobile One | One Price Unlimited Phone & Data Plans for Everyone 

I actually am working with a rep as we speak to try and get the same issue resolved. I'll let you know what I find out.

I am having the exact same problem..  I signed up for the 2 + and get 2  free (4)lines for $120 a month in November.  Then when the taxes included plan came out, they started messing up my billing!  Every month, I have to call in to tmobile and get a credit because it appears they messed up and took me off that plan.  So they are charging me for 2 lines that i dont really even use.   Now i have talked to many and they say that they will get me back on that plan.  Everytime, they say they will call back in 4 days or so and never do!  Defiantly frustrating and I'm thinking about switching bc of this issue as well.  Let me know if you all get any results soon and I will do the same..  Thanks

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I have a question, have you looked at your bill fully to be on the safe side, TMO often provides it's promo plans rates in the form of bill credits,

for example: I added a wearable plan last year that is $15.00(after a $10.00) bill credit. My Bill shows the $15.00 being billed then a (10.00) credit I pay $5 plus tax/fees. same deal with my Tablet and extra voice line, My Tablet bills @$35.00mo  and I receive a ($12,50) credit, Voice line bills @$30.00(12.00).

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Your issue isn't the same, they need to fix you rate plan that's an easy fix reach out the T-force on FB/twitter they should be able to help. The OP I'd have thme check the notes on the account also if you loggin to the website you can view all the actions taken on your account.

Yes I have had the same issue since day 1 of signing up for F&F two lines on us in Nov 2016.  I've had to continually call to get my bill credits.

Originally I signed up for on the limited 6Gig plan. Then upgraded to Tmobile 1 when it went tax inclusive back in early 2017.

And TODAY I get a text saying they we are no longer eligible for the 2 lines on us!   I called and they said it did not apply to the tax inclusive plan. That I had to go back to the tax-exclusive plan.

Bologna!  I asked a LOT of questions before upgrading to make sure I would not jeopardize my free two lines!

This is so frustrating that I'm ready to switch to Verizon or Google Fi.

Does anyone have a copy of the original offer details?

Did you ever get it sorted?

I am in the same situation. I originally signed up for 2 lines on us in November 2016 and in early 2017 added the tax inclusive plan bringing me to 130 a month for lines since I was an early adopter. But I've had to call in every month because they couldn't get it right. This month I called and had a bad experience with a rep that seemed to be having a bad day. Well anyway they supposedly got me on the right plan but now I no longer have my tax inclusive. I've been trying to get them to get me on the plan I signed up for for over a year now calling in every month.

The uncarrier will not change your plan. The uncarrier gives options.

Well they just took away my tax included plan which is what I signed up for during the promotion. And I also always research and double check by asking before committing so I don't lose what what I want to keep...who knew they would take back what they gave me.

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There were a numerous number of problems with the 2 lines on us. I wish they would make a return of it so people who had problems could at least add two free lines without hassle. The problems were small but numerous. They deployed the 2 lines on us messy. If you added kickback it would kick the free lines off. If you made a slight change it would kick the lines off. The lines on us also would get kicked off if you had a free line already and tried to add 2 free lines. There were so many problems. It took me an entire year to solved them.

you guys ever found a way to solve this? Same issues at the moment!

how did you solve yours?!! mind sharing?

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I found the answer by having them take 20% off and giving me Promo Plus. It was difficult and time consuming. I also made them pay me 500 dollars as a credit.

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I would say that anyone who had a problem with the 2 free lines during 2016 in Nov should be allowed to get or make sure they have 2 free lines period. They really screwed over a lot of people because there was some issues with how they said it worked and how the fine print was not really well establishing of any correct facts. This was a switch and bait disaster. I honestly have no idea why they have allowed this to be unresolved for so long.

i have exactly the same problem . i have to keep call them everything month with the same issue. iam thinking to hire a lawyer to put an end on this almost 2 year nightmare