anyoen else have false information on the promotions when they switched from another carrier?

  • 3 January 2022
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We switched to t mobile not even 2 months ago from Verizon to get better service. We were told we could keep our lines and phones and get our final billed payoff as a credit. Boy were we not told the fine print! Apparently not all cell phones carried over are not under the promotion which we were not told at all! We were told our payoff would in fact be paid  and it won't! I went to our local store to ask how to submit my final bill and they tried to help then had to call the manager. I waited 2 weeks and called customer service only to find out we didn't qualify for a payoff promotion with the phones we carried over..I even traded 2 phones in for 2 new ones and a watch.. so I am now out $375 and had to pay that off and the t mobile bill in the same week. Customer service rep was very nice and tried to figure out why we would get 1 of the promotions but couldn't fix. I told her our local store needs better training and to make sure they tell us everything beforehand. I'm abit upset for sure! 

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