Anyone dissatisfied with T-mobile?


I have spent almost 5 hours trying to get help with my Samsung A32.  The phone cuts people off.  I got the phone in November 2021 and this is May 2022.  Because I didn’t get the warranty they won’t help me.  Very poor customer service.  I’ve been a customer since 2002….yes….20 years with 6 lines.  Wow!  I even said I was going to switch carriers and the guy transferred me to customer service to do that.  Very sad that they don’t care.  

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How did ypou get this phone without the warrenty? Should have been a one year warenty (if you got it from T-Mobile) If you didn’t get it from T-Mobile, the problem is between you and the seller or Samsung.


Yes, I got the phone at T-mobile.  I spoke with numerous support chat people and a manager and they all said the same thing, if you didn’t purchase the extra warranty….then no warranty.   That was reiterated to me numerous times.  

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You still have a one year warranty through Samsung so you will need to send it to them for repairs.


Well, the T-mobile representative called there.  They wanted me to send it in and they would send it back…..ten days.  I called Samsung and they suggested going to Best Buy because they offer Samsung repair.