Anyone else get double charged for Autopay in May?

I have been a T-Mobile customer since the company started and I just signed up for TMO ONE at the urging of a sales rep... now I have been charged twice for my bill and am $19 away from getting an overdraft fee at my bank.  Trying to figure out if this was an isolated incident or if it happened to other people.  I will not risk going through this ordeal again and will remove myself from the TMO ONE program if it's widespread.  Also, I expect T-Mobile to reimburse any bank charges I incur due to this error.  Please comment if you were charged twice too!


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Oh man! That should not have happened at all! Have you had a chance to Contact Us yet? If you were double charged in error, we can refund one of the charges.

I called last night and she said she would refund the charges for the duplicate charge - however now I am $19 away from an overdraft.  Refund has not been applied.  T-Mobile will reimburse me for any bank fees resulting from this error, right?  My institution has been notified and is prepared to contact T-Mobile to make those arrrangements.  What are you doing to prevent this from happening again?  I don't want to go through this another time.  Not worth saving $10 a month to spend time and potentially numerous bank fees fixing your incompetency.  I have never had this happen with other auto-pays I've signed up for.

Yes I have contact customer support late last night after I saw the second charge come through.  Refund is not happening fast enough.  It should not take that long to issue a refund to a debit card transaction.  I see others on Facebook also had this happen and they have been told it will take up to 3 days to get their money back.  How is that possible?  I am having a serious problem trusting your company with my personal financial information.  I wish T-Mobile was taking this more seriously, It is fraudulent to take unauthorized amounts of money out of people's bank accounts. 

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No need to worry 😊 If the overdraft fees were cause by a T-Mobile error, we do have the ability to provide reimbursement. I apologize that it is taking so long to get you your money back. I assure you that we send the money back as quickly as possible. The delay in how long it takes for the finds to be available in your bank again depends on your financial institution and how quickly they will put the funds back into your account.

I got charged once yesterday and again today. Same for my coworkers. Talking to support over the phone to reps in the Philippines and the UK is a joke, I finally got it "resolved" online but 72 hours is unacceptable for a refund on something thats a mistake on Tmobile's side, no offense to the @tmobilehelp reps as it isn't their fault.

I worked for AT&T on the mobile side and when something like this  happened no matter who was at fault we could instantly back the payment out of the account, it would show on the phone account right away and it would reflect on the customer bank side within 24 hours. Clearly tmobile needs to correct how they handle these situations. 

I agree with the user above, the "convenience" of autopay isnt worth it, when it goes bad, its BAD.

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I am truly sorry about this @magenta1420713​ 😥 You can rest assured that we are aware of the issue and will make sure that everyone impacted is taken care of. If you incur any bank overdraft fees due to this please let us know!

I agree with everyone who has posted here. I too was double charged and as a result and over $100 dollars short for the next 3 days? Perhaps to a company like T-mobile $100 isn't anything to worry about, but some of us do not have that luxury. In my opinion, T-mobile needs to do more to resolve this issue. Just saying it was a "glitch" and the money will be refunded is not enough. This isn't my fault. I've been a loyal customer (although I've been tempted to switch) for over 3 years now.

I understand sometimes "glitches" happen and things go wrong, but it's the company's responsibility to make it right. And this is a severe inconvenience.

just posted on this same subject.

TMobile has disabled their Chat and Support Links so that there is no recourse but to call "customer support" on the phone, and they know absolutely nothing and cannot do a single thing to Help.

I totally agree with everything you said above, and totally believe that TMobile is behaving extremely Dishonestly

I totally agree with you.  I too, worked for Pacific Bell, and our standards were extremely high.

I think it's an outrage double charging customers.   I can't help but wonder if this is a ploy on thousands of customers to increase their revenue waiting up to 72 hours to refund us.  The Mobile, get it together!

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@magenta1422859 – I am sorry you were not able to get a hold of out chat representatives. I think what happened here is that all the chat representatives were assisting customers and the “Chat” option does not appear unless there are representatives available to assist you. 

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Hey everyone,

First off, I want to sincerely apologize for this issue. I know when it comes to our hard earned money, it is not easy to take things like this lightly. Please rest assured that auto pay is still an amazing service and this is the first time in the 12 years I have worked for T-Mobile that something like this happened. We were able to identify the issue and made the appropriate corrections to ensure this issue does not occur again.

There is also no action required on any of your parts as we were able to systematically identify the few that were impacted by this and immediately started processing refunds. In regards to the 72 hour time frame, i truly wish there was a faster way and for some of you, it may indeed be faster. The 72 hour window we give provides enough leeway for everyone's financial institutions to deposit the funds back into your accounts. The refunds were processed by us almost immediately after we noticed the issue.

We also understand that not everyone expects to have to pay double their bill on the same day and that this can cause issues with your bank and might result in an overdraft fee. Please know that we will do what needs to be done to make this right for you if you were hit with any fees from your bank as this was purely a T-Mobile error.

Tmobile did this exact same thing to me charged me on the 7th & the 8th. At first they tried to act like they didnt have any clue what I was talking about. Overdrafted my bank account because of them. Spent about $15 in fees borrowing money from a relative to put the money back in my account and the refund from tmobile took two days yet I didnt get any reimbursement for this , kind of ridiclous. If i didnt borrow the money I would have been charged a $35 fee from my bank. I now turned autopay off not worth the headache. Don't need T-Mobile making this "mistake" a monthly thing. Thanks alot for the autopay "savings" tmobile & the headache & fees you have costed me for your own mistake. Awesome way to treat good customers everytime they need a loan they can just charge you however many times they want & you are stuck paying any fees this cost you with your bank.

It is now the 20th of May.  I happened to be browsing my banking records this morning and I saw that I too was double charged for this month.  Not only that, but they had still not yet refunded their additional monthly charge.  I called and the guy was apologetic.  It looks like the TMo rep here has said that "the few" affected accounts had been identified and that it would be taken care of automatically, but it has not been.  I wonder just how many more unsuspecting people TMo hasn't refunded.

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Oh no! I'm so sorry @magenta1517452​! Please tell me that we got the refund processed for you when you called?

I have also been double charged once on the 21st which was a scheduled payment which I would have been fine with but then again 6 days later on the 27th  for another 100 that put it right in memorial day weekend memorial day weekend where I needed that 100 dollars and because of me not having it screwed everything up plans were cancelled I'm still fuming and possibly seeking legal action and now it seems your not just doing it to me your doing it to lots of people.  The whole first time I've ever saw this must be a de escalating  tactic because the rep on the phone the rep in the store now I'm online and it's used again. The really unprofessional sad part about the whole situation is the whole tmobile system said it was unable to withdraw funds on the 21st because there wasn't enough so it was basically saying nothing was taken out however when u pull up my statement it shows the money coming out . So on the 27th you guys decide to draw again the  no hey we need to access your account again because we didn't receive payment ?  Just go ahead and pull .. I understand things happen but for a company the size of T-Mobile and the way your system pulled money from my account but didn't show it on your system according to the phone rep and the in store rep you have quickly undermined my trust and faith that your company is adequate in maintaining transactions . The autopay systen is a joke. And don't come at me with system glitch your company is way to big to not have top of the line systems in place to deal with it

Yes!  I was double charged today and have been dealing with customer service all morning.  It's beyond frustrating and has taken a lot of time on the phone and even a trip to the T Mobile store. I think the there should be some kind of compensation for the time I had to spend on the issue.  If I would have just been sent an email telling me that they were aware of the problem and they were working to fix it, it would have saved a lot of stress.

my card was charged twice and i just got paided i really need that money back its not fair