Anyone having trouble with Web Guard being enabled even though it’s turned off via the TMobile account website?

  • 10 March 2021
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My Web Guard restriction is turned off, however there are several discount sporting goods stores that I cannot access due to Web Guard.  I get the Web Guard restricted access error message.  These stores also sell ammunition and I wonder if it’s TMobile’s “woke” status on anything firearm related.

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3 replies

Yes and I have had this issue about 5 times now. Tmobile chat isn't helping and half the.time cant even get on website.

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My understanding if you are on prepaid they can’t verify your age so it is automatically on.  If you are on no credit check I believe they may do the same, but unsure as I don’t know anyone on no credit check.

Funny thing about “Woke” status is hilarious.  People always jumping to politics these days.

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There has been a ticket opened for this problem, it is now considered a known issue.  Some people have had success with power cycling their phone, but engineering is working on it as we speak.