APN Menu Setting in IPhone IOS 16 MIssing or Hidden

Here is some background information to provide additional context before I pose my question. I had an iPhone Pro Max 13 for a year (2022), and was tortured the entire year by very slow text messaging and random missed calls. I thought a change of network plan (from Magenta Max to Go5G Pro) and a new iPhone 14 Pro would be the magic sauce I needed to break that spell. Unfortunately, it is still happening. As a result, it dawned on me that the problem has nothing to do with the hardware or the network plan, and had more to do with T-Mobile services.

I’ll focus on delayed messaging for my question. When sending short text messages, there’s no problems. All is fine. The message format is SMS. However, when the message is long enough, or it contains multi-media (emojis, images, videos etc), the phone pauses for a very long time while it is converting and sending the message format to MMS, before it eventually succeeds (and sometimes it will still fail). For videos and images, the quality is severely chopped up and the message receiver gets something that is just painful to watch. 

I’m certain that the problem is because the T-Mobile iPhone has no alternative way of sending MMS content, and it’s forced to use SMS. When using a T-Mobile Samsung S-23 in the same network plan as the T-Mobile iPhone, I was able create an additional APN (Access Point Network) entry into the Samsung phone, and with that change, this problem ceased to exist. The Samsung phone worked perfectly thereafter. However, the T-Mobile iPhone has this option either hidden or disabled, and this I suspect is the problem. Is there a way to have this option enabled, so that I may add a new APN entry for MMS, and get my problem resolved?

Here is the recommended solutions which required updating the APN - https://support.google.com/fi/answer/6205096?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DiOS 

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