Anybody else T-Mobile app not working? Mines just keep getting stuck at processing?

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Hey there!

Are you still having this issue? I saw this was a known problem before, but if this is still on going, can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that helps?

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Hi hi! We've hit a few app snags over the past week or so, but we'd definitely like to know a little more so we can check this issue against our known system issues and see if there are any particular next steps called out. If you're still having trouble, can you let me know where it's stuck processing? For example, do you see an endless spinner when logging in, when placing an order, or when checking bill details? Thank you!

Yes!! it’s still going on, I’ve deleted and reinstalled it a dozen times it still doesn’t work.

Yes that’s exactly what i see, the endless spinner that says “processing“.

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Thanks for confirming that! Can you let us know where in the app that's happening? Is it when you try to log in, or when you try to view a certain page or perform a specific function?
Basically, before we refer you to our Tech team to file a ticket, we want to make sure that the trouble you're having isn't already listed as a known issue. We'd like to be mindful of your time and prevent you from having to reach out to report a problem that our engineering team is already aware of! 😊

It’s happens when i first open the app. So after i agree to the terms and everythin, and turn my wifi off it get stuck at process.

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Thanks for getting back to us, @magenta3026585​! If you turn your WiFi off prior to accessing the app, are you able to get passed the spinning wheel? Also, can you share what version of the app you're currently using along with the model of your phone? 

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Amanda asked some really good questions about how the app behaves off of Wi-Fi and the app version. Please let us know the results and if you need some help. Thanks.

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Hey there! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd mind letting us know how this works if WiFi is disabled first, and provide the app version and what phone you're using. Thanks! 😊

We’re you able to fix it yet? I still stuck at processing too when I try to login. Have my WiFi off too

I'm getting this -- and just because I have prepaid, support keeps forwarding me to a number that doesn't exist (1 hour holds and still unanswered), as if prepaid vs contracted has different apps (IT guy here -- it's 100% the same). It doesn't work! I need this because all my texts keep getting "blocked" because "message blocking is active", but I can't even login the app

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Hey there, @dylanh724​, I'm sorry the app is giving you a hard time and you haven't been able to get through to a care rep.  When you say that your texts are blocked because of "message blocking," are you referring to incoming or outgoing or both?