Apple iPhone Upgrade Program with a Business Account

  • 11 September 2019
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Yeah, t-mobile is messing things up, since it worked last year for us, and isn't this year.

As far as Apple is concerned, if t-mobile says 'Invalid account' when they try to confirm, then there is nothing for apple to do

iPhone Upgrade Program Terms and Conditions


Wireless Service Activation. The Financed iPhone requires wireless service activation on a new or existing wireless service plan with an eligible carrier under the carrier’s terms, and may be subject to an additional fee charged by your carrier.


Apple says wireless carriers business accounts have never been supported , and the fact that it worked last year is only because T-Mobile handled the confirmation differently last year.

So going forward, I either have to

1. get t-mobile to fix things, or

2. change my t-mobile account to one that will give back the right response to apple(switch to consumer or family plan), or

3. pay off my existing iPhone and order for full-price a new iPhone.

This just worked for me. I was able to get through with using another person's number and last four of social. I will just swap sim's and call it a day. What an absolute cluster f*ck.

I noticed if you select another carrier and then go back to the T-Mobile carrier selection you can edit your phone number. I might use a friends number and see if that works. Then just take out the included SIM when I get the phone so it doesn't activate on his account.


This just keeps getting better.  Not only can I apparently not participate in the iPhone upgrade program BUT... I also can not upgrade my phone with my business account through the web or app.  I MUST go into a store or call on the phone!!!!  What year is it?

Yes it has. I have used apple upgrade the last two years and have had a biz account the entire time.


Same issue here, and I’ve successfully used iUP since the program launched.

I would convert my account to a standard plan, but the current “Magenta PlusUp” (or whatever) plans are worse than the T-Mobile One Plus plans were when I signed up. I’d have to pay about $30 more per month for the same service.

I’m incredibly disappointed by this failure, and that Apple is requiring a carrier account for the iPhone Upgrade Program when we could just swap out our SIM cards and leave our very confused carrier out of the equation.

We will most likely eventually be able to upgrade after 12 months but we won't get it until 3-4 weeks later since we will be ordering after all the people who pre-order.  It's T-Mobile is blocking us from upgrading it seems like. 

The terms of the Apple Upgrade Program say that we can upgrade after 12 months. However, if you're on T-Mobile Business, that's no longer the case. We were fooled into signing up for the Apple Upgrade Program, and now they're not holding to their end of the agreement. I'm sensing a class action lawsuit.

I completely agree it's a mess and wondered the same about switching to a standard account.  Unfortunately I am doubtful it will get resolved before tomorrow's deadline to get pre-approval for the new iPhone or even Friday when it's released.

I do however get the free Netflix with my business account.  I didn't get the 4% T-mobile money for the longest time because it wouldn't recognize that I had a t-mobile account but that has finally resolved.  I have gotten a new iPhone every year and this would suck and question my decision to go with T-mobile.  The pricing on other providers are very competitive now and I don't see a reason to stay with T-mobile if it make it more difficult to get a new phone every year.

Has anyone successfully converted their business account to a standard account? I don't see any benefit to being a business customer. On the contrary, as a business customer, we are excluded from getting free Netflix and now we can't use the Apple Upgrade Program. The worst part is, those of us already on the Apple Upgrade Program won't be able to get the new iPhone on Friday. Based on the error message we're getting, it looks like we'll have to buy a new phone on Friday at full price without the upgrade program, then deal with closing out our current phones on the upgrade program. What a mess...

Has anyone found a solution?  This is frustrating. I seem to have multiple issues besides this just because I'm on a business plan.  I'm not even sure there is good benefit to being on the business plan. 

Same here. Business account not supported or something. Cannot get preapproval. Please fix

I wonder if it is due to their new business billing infrastructure. It is so slow, and hard to navigate.

Very frustrating... I can't understand why business accounts would all of a sudden not work when I upgraded just fine last year.. I love tmobile aside from the coverage and this has me second guessing.

I also have the same issue. Super frustrating. I just got off the phone with TMO customer service and of course they had no idea what I'm talking about. Please fix!

Same issue. We have a business account and get the same errors. I’ve never had this issue. Spent 2 hours with Apple and t mobile today with no luck. FIX THIS


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Thank you so much

Has it worked previously with the business program? I might convert the account tomorrow as everybody uses the Apple upgrade program.

Same here. Seems like it should be a priority to have this fixed.

Now I am getting a different error that says my t mobile acccount is not supported. I have done the Apple upgrade program for the last two years and my account is exactly the same.

what Is the deal?

After googling “iPhone upgrade program on T-Mobile business” I see this has been an issue for years. Another T-Mobile surprise!!!

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Hey there!

I'm sorry you're running into errors as you're trying to get ahead of the pre-order. We're already taking a look at why users are seeing this error and working on a solution. I'll keep you updated as I know more.

I have the same issue.