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  • 15 November 2020
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I bought (on the monthly payment plan) two new iPhone 11’s in store about 6 months ago. I told the lady to put insurance on both...

She said it would show up on both. Well I reviewed my account and it shows Apple care, jump and 360 only on mine with an 18 charge?  With absolutely nothing on my wife's phone... 

I looked in my wife’s phone settings and And used her serial number, No Apple care and the website shows no insurance on her phone, and no jump on her phone… The lady swore up and down that both phones would be insured as I made it a point to ask (jump and 360),

She said even though what I see is wonky now (because she had such trouble with the system figuring things out) that they both would be insured and have jump… she said I might see jump as one charge but that it would cover both phones. But she also said after things were straightened out it “should” show as 2. 

The manager(redfish haired lady) even got involved in the system to get it sorted. This was at the 14953 W 119th St, Olathe, KS 66062 Store. 


But now going into detail it seems theirs no coverage on my wife’s phone, only limited warranty per her serial number and the website. 


I’m worried I was lied to. I don't want to believe that but i don’t know. at any point I can’t manually sign up for AppleCare my self for her due to it being six months. If I knew it was uncovered I would have. 

I need to get this sorted out so both phones are insured and have jump, Which is as promised in store by the rep and manager. Thank you For your help and blessings.  

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