Are there any special T-mobile deals for 20 years or so customers?

  • 7 February 2022
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Have the following questions.


Last one I read was about this question was from 2017 for a 15 year or so customer.  For this year 2022.  Is there any  T-mobile special deals for long time 20 years or so customers? 


With T-mobile being 5G.  Is this automatic  getting it for all T-mobile customers without paying extra? 

5 replies

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Tmobile was running the “5G on us” promoi but the phones offered were the low end 5G phones.


Hi gramps28, your comment that “Tmobile was running the “5G on us” promo which means to all, so in short no special deal for loyal customers. By the way I reviewed your profile and it’s stated correct me if I am wrong, that “you don’t work for Tmobile”? But I am noticing you been answering a lot of topics on behalf of Tmobile.  How are you connected with Tmobile?.

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I’ve been a customer of Tmobile for the same amount of time and you just need to watch for deals on phones. I start doing this a few months before I need or want a new phone. 

The last phone I bought was a Pixel 4XL and got it for a 40% discount. If you’re looking for deals on flagship iPhones or Samsungs usually they’re tied to an add a line promo and being a on a Magenta plan.

I actually stumbled across these forums when doing research for the original Tmobile Home phone service for $10 a month about 10 years ago and just stuck around during the many forum changes. 

No ties to Tmobile except being a customer and seeing many post like yours.


Hi gramps28. Thanks!, appreciate the information you had provided.  Tmobile should hire you as their spokesman, you’re good with it.  You’re a natural. Any way thanks again and have a good day and stay healthy. 

Loyalty doesn't hold the same meaning as when I was growing up. The idea is to not focus on the fish you caught but the ones getting away. It's like the 5G and 4G LTE coverage map. That map isn't for us and I'll be showing an example below, because we know it's not accurate. But rather it's to bring those other fish, those thinking about another carrier to the boat. You loyal customers can't be bothered with we got fishing to do. They've ramped up their advertising and customer service but not their data and cell service. It's a shame because I like T-Mobile waaaay more than the other 2 big boys in the sandbox but there is a price to pay for loyalty. It's a dog eat dog world and the only thing that really works is speaking with your dollars.


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