Asked for new plan upgrade, it was not set up, Then my service was suspended???

  • 30 December 2020
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I paid a visit to the Community earlier this month. When I signed up for the wrong plan and was told to wait til the plans term was over. Since the balance is non transferable. 

Ok, so I waited n requested an upgraded plan online.  1.5 hrs before my original plan expired.

I got a msg. from Tmob. Saying, " It would take 2 hrs to set it up ". That was at 10:30 my time. I kept checking in and my plan was not changed.

I did not want to pay for the old plan and get stuck again.

So, instead of changing the plan, they cancelled my upgrade order n suspended my service ????

What gives ?

Can someone tell me how to get this simple upgrade, accomplished ???

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