• 13 November 2021
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I returned my device back In May. Got charged a non-return fee in July. Been dealing with tmobile and assurant ever since. Apparently  assurant sent me the wrong shipping label with the wrong tracking number. So they can not find it in the warehouse so we got them to finally agree in late September that they would refund the fee. And it's now mid-November and still no refund. I'm getting charged late fees and this looks like it's about to go to collections.  Which I am always up to date with my bills and everything. Now we called again November 13th and they said that there is no proof they agreed on a refund. Even though t-mobile was on the line and wrote it in their notes. And now they are filling out a form to search for the device. I'm about to just pay off the non-return fee of 600 dollars and go to a different carrier. I would not recommend tmobile to anybody after this situation

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