Assurant accusing honest T-Mobile Protection 360 customer of fraud. Please Help!

  • 5 January 2022
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We have been treated so poorly over the last several months from T-Mobile’s insurance protection 360 service (Assurant). We are conveniently “disconnected” almost every time we manage to be transferred to a customer service supervisor. All email responses from Assurant are template replies from low-level staff lacking any authority to actually help.

Before we submit a small claims court action, our attorney recommended that we give Assurant one last opportunity to initiate a refund for the “Damaged Device Not Received” charge of $696.45 that was auto-debited (via AutoPay) from our account for the device that we returned to Assurant and that was evidently lost or stolen while in possession of Assurant or Assurant’s chosen third-party shipping service, USPS.

We (the customer) followed all return instructions provided by Assurant. Enclosed damaged device within pre-labeled shipping envelope supplied by Assurant. Sealed envelope and added additional packing tape for security.

We then surrendered possession of damaged device contained and sealed within supplied envelope from Assurant with affixed return shipping label issued and purchased by Assurant to USPS facility on October 7, 2021. Witnesses present. At this moment, we were no longer in control or responsible for the envelope and contents.

USPS tracking information indicates delivery confirmation of returned damaged device to Assurant address at 3:16 pm on October 12, 2021 in YORK, PA 17402. The USPS return shipping service purchased by Assurant only provides limited tracking history and does not include package weight data. The originating (mailed from) location is O'FALLON, MO 63368 and the delivery location is YORK, PA 17402. Tracking only displays the last day of history (on delivery date) with no history from point of origin and no package weight details. Assurant issued and purchased the return label and therefore responsible for any disputes and investigations of delivery issues after USPS takes possession.

Assurant later claims that shipping materials were received with no contents.

Assurant cannot or refuses to provide any evidence concerning the physical condition of the envelope containing returned damaged device. Assurant customer support could not produce evidentiary findings that the returned envelope containing damaged device was opened or sealed upon arrival to Assurant warehouse.

Whether the fault in this case lies on Assurant or USPS, the Assurant device return process is designed to create potential hardship for T-Mobile’s trusting customers in the following ways.

1. Inadequate shipping materials supplied by Assurant. Small, non-padded envelope offers no protection and reveals indication of contents that are at high risk for theft.

2. Insufficient protection to customers for lost or damaged devices using Assurant’s return procedure. No insurance supplied, offered or recommended using Assurant’s return procedure. Without warning, the customer is denied recourse for any acts of error, neglect or internal fraud while returned device is in transit via USPS or after delivery to Assurant warehouse.

3. Assurant does not inform customers of a known and widespread issue of lost or stolen returned devices when using Assurant’s return procedure. This discovery was made by us (the customer) after contents of shipping envelope was lost or stolen under the possession of Assurant or USPS.

To add insult to injury, is Assurant actually accusing us (the customer) of fraud? Like we would have any reason or be that stupid to send an empty envelope. Absolutely ridiculous.The real fraud here is Assurant’s device return process and failure to protect T-Mobile’s customers from obvious potential threats.

Our attorney said Assurant should approve a refund in this case, simply based on good faith of its customers. However, Assurant is still not willing to provide a refund and we now require the name and contact info for an executive member of Assurant and the representative managing our claim number 53722218 so we can accurately list them as the defendant in a small claims court action.

The first request for the Assurant defendant information was ignored. We just sent a second request to Assurant. Are there any community members here that can help obtain this information or give advice? I’m positive that we’re not the only victim of Assurant’s abuse.

10 replies

This is interesting because I have paid for Protection 360 for 6 years and never filed a claim.  My wife recently upgraded to an iphone 13 and during the data transfer the phone was dropped and hit the power button.  Now the phone is inoperable and Assurant says the phone isn’t covered because it wasn’t active on the account her iphone 11 was.  When you upgrade Tmobile asks if you want to keep the same coverage.  I elected to keep the same coverage and wouldn’t you know it the company says it doesn’t matter.  I wonder how many countless thousands of people Assurant rips off like this.  It would also not be the first time that T-mobile would open themselves up to a lawsuit because of their protection company not honoring the policy.

Almost the exact same thing happened to me. I sent my damaged phone back in September, never received a text and got a letter in October. Assurant told me they checked with the warehouse and they had received the phone but it had not been scanned in yet and they would do so. That first rep said they verified that IMIE number.


In January I had the $500 charge hit my bill. I called Assurant again and they told me they would do an investigation. I called back again today 2/4/2022 and they told me that the envelope had been received open and the device was missing.


Even though the first rep had noted in my account that the device was received they were not budging on the $500 fee.


They told me that they weighed the envelope but would not tell me what the wait was and that I would not receive that information. He told me the notes on my account aren't mine and that I was going to pay that money. I spoke to a regular rep who said they did not verify IMIE numbers, but the manager said that they normally do verify them and they didn't so that meant my device wasn't there even though the original rep in October told me he had verified the IMEI number.


Luckily T-Mobile took care of it with a single call and took the fee off of my account but I really do hope they find another insurance agency to partner with. I will be filing a complaint with the Washington State insurance commissioner. Assurant has serious operational issues possibly bordering on criminal judging by the sheer number of complaints I'm seeing with people who have the exact same thing happen. I wouldn't be surprised if workers at this company were trying to make an extra few bucks off damaged phones.

The exact same thing happened to me. I've posted a couple of other times on this website and one is in moderation on this post. I received a charge for a device that was never returned even though I did return it. They said the same thing to me that the envelope was opened and empty. The first rep I originally spoke to so they have the device in the warehouse but it hadn't been scanned in. Subsequent reps told me that the envelope was open and empty and that I would be paying the fee. Assurant told me they weighed the envelope but would not disclose what that weight was. I told them the same exact thing that they should insure it because they provide the packaging and pay the postage and I didn't have an option to insure it. They told me that I was the shipper and blame me and said there was no way that they were going to waive the fee.

I've been with T-Mobile for over 20 years and have had multiple phones obviously and a couple of insurance claims and I can't believe this company is getting away with this so far. T-Mobile took care of me and luckily the rep I talked to told me to disable auto pay but I really hope they find somebody else to partner with.

I'm currently going through this, as well. Returned the phone using their packaging back in November, but was charged $300 on this month's bill. Apparently USPS tracking shows they never received the phone but I personally put it into the drop box.  Assurant  customer service is useless and said they can't do anything. At least Tmobile's customer service is trying to help and said this happens quite a bit. I’ve been a customer for 16 years and not too happy that neither Assurant or Tmobile is stepping up to the plate to make this right.

I am currently going through the same thing. I had a claim in January for a damaged Pixel 6 pro. Progression on this follows the same way everyone else’s did.

  1. Got the notice that the phone wasn’t received
  2. Called in and was told that was received but just not scanned in and not to worry 
  3. Saw the charge on my account
  4. Called tmo who called Assurant with me on the line. 
  5. They claim the package had no device.

So I called assurant and got the tracking number of the package sent to them. Then called the post office and was told that the package I sent was 12.8 oz (Pixel being 6.95 of those oz). So now I am about to contact t-mobile again. In addition I am going to refer the person I talk to back to this page.


Some of these comments I’m seeing aren’t giving me any hope of my issue being resolved either I have an elderly mom was account im paying for by the ways so that she’s good should anything come up while I’m at work so we share the account along with the phone service in goes damage to my phone due to a cracked screen I call T-Mobile as my phone is already paid off when I was a consumer with sprint at this point I asked what could I do? T-Mobile tells me to purchase protection 360 to I did with my credit card on the spot then we began the process of exchanging my phone I get to exchange my phone but they want me to mail in the damage phone for a cracked screen I shoulda knew something was up cuz I coulda took that to a store n be done with it but no the wanted the entire damn phone. Next I get a refurbished phone same exact phone I already had not an upgrade or anything I get a text only no emails whatsoever that my device was received and I’m all set. Now my current device along with my moms at this point has been suspended 5 times I had automatic deposit set up and T-Mobile withdrawals got way up to $686 for an out of warranty charge due to my phone exchange since they can’t find the phone I called T-Mobile as they weren’t authorized to take damn near a mortgage payment from my account if they no longer want me to have a phone them pay me for my damages and inconvenience they putting my family through and we can break even so that say no we will refund the account we want to keep you as a customer yet again I stand here and I don’t have any service and not only did they accept my monthly payment of $102-$120/mo which keeps changing month to month for no apparent reason by the way they continue to harass my family if we don’t turn in the phone because we’re not eligible since they can’t find the phone but it’s supposed to be out of warranty so which one is it? If we don’t return the phones they are going to up the charge to another $60 per phone plus tax to restore our service which brings the amount well over $800 are you freaking kidding me I would never. How about restore my account and take the $102 I owe for the month and add govt assistance for my elderly mom who is well over 60 and disabled and reduce our bill by $50 and then some for the headache and heartache ur putting her through n gtfoh

Get on BBB website and file a complaint.

T-Mobile said I should write a letter to:

T-Mobile Wireless

Legal Department

12920 SE 38st

Bellevue, WA 98006-1350


And request arbitration. I am doing both. Plus I work for tmobile as a software developer. I am going to see if my leadership can bring attention to this problem.




It’s a miracle like the waters departed after its all said and done I prayed on that thing and T-mobile resolved all my issues and headaches and heartaches my account is no longer an issue Rain, Customer Service Rep actually the only one that requested and had her Supervisor approve those charges all they asked me to pay was my monthly bill in addition to my deductible and I also said T-Mobile offered to pay my Sprint balance after merging chile whew they paid that too all in all out of my pocket I paid $149 which was a blessing from above I have loss sleep, my appetite he’ll even shed a few lbs behind this nonsense I’m just a matter of days checking on my mommy to make sure she was good now I don’t have anything to worry about at work as I always have a constant line of communication with her at all times I reactivated my automatic deduction and saved an additional $15/month on my bill as well although still waiting on the govt assistance $50 to reduce the bill as well. We went back and forth so much about a memo T-Mobile sent out to each other about calling over the phone versus applying online for insurance claims never call or it’s out of warranty which makes no sense at all just apply for warranty assistance online and pay deductible upfront and make sure you get everything in writing as I did as well claim number, contract the whole nine yards to track your every step from these slicksters lol

Help! We sre fully insured and returned all 4 damaged phone now theybsaid never recieved it and bilñ me 4000! Tmobile keep turn of my service  ...tjis is unbelievable ,i csñant oay this scam


This is why whenever i get a new device i refuse any insurance or addons. Note i go to metro by tmobile.