Australian trying to add new pre-paid plan to existing phone

Hi All

I am an Australian who has a T-Mobile SIM (and phone number) following my visit to Florida early last year.

I am going to Canada for 3 weeks this July and I want to use my T-Mobile SIM whilst there.

However, I am unable to log into my T-Mobile online account because I can't verify my details because I don't have a USA Social Security number and I can't receive an SMS to verify my number because I use a different provider here in Australia.

I would like to have my pre-paid plan established before I arrive in Vancouver, but I cannot see how to do this.

Help please.



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Is there funds in your prepaid account?

The sim does expire once the funds run out of money and you will need

a new sim card unless you changed your prepaid plan to a $3 pay as you go plan

with enough funds in the account to keep it active.

So unfortunately you're going to have to buy a new sim once you get here or check into a Canadian

prepaid service.

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Hey there!

Just wanted to check in on the questions Gramps had. 😊


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Hi there.

Gramps brought up some great points. Can you let us know if you have any funds still on the account you set up? Thanks!


i seem to be unable to access/create an account to check the pre-paid balance,  it given that I bought and activated the SIM in Florida in Feb 2017 and only used it for a couple of weeks it may have zero balance.

i would like to continue to use T-mobile and the same number that I had.

the SIM's PUK is ******** and the number was ***-***-****

Can I reactivity the SIM?

if not, can I purchase a SIM from Australia and activate it prior to arrival in Canada?



***edited info MC***

I have a login and password for a T-Mobile account, but when I try to verify my account with my T-Mobile phone no I cannot proceed because i am unable to receive the validation SMS (primarily because I am in Australia and the SIM cannot be connected to the T-Mobile network).

is there a way around this? Can the verification code be sent to me via email, or sent via SMS to my Australian mobile no?

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Oh I see. That SMS is designed to come to your T-Mobile number. Because of how long it's been since the account was active, you'll need to set up a new account with a new SIM when you're stateside again. Or, like Gramps mentioned, you'd wanna get a prepaid SIM in Canada when you get there.

Can I purchase a SIM and have it sent to me in Australia? I would then activate it when I land in Vancouver

I am also an Australian and learnt the hard way. If you don’t use your account for 90 days you lose your number and unable to log in. I had to get another SIM card and number on my next trip. However now I change my plan to the $3.00 pay as you go so that I can keep my number. Then in the preceding month before I travel I change the plan to suit my needs.

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We do not ship SIM cards internationally, so you would need to pick up the SIM card from the US. 😥 Additionally, because the T&C do require your primary use location to be the US, if the device is activated and immediately used outside of the US, it's subject to disconnection for terms and conditions violation.

If the account you had used in Florida was still active, this would likely be less of an issue, however, since you would need to be starting a brand new account that's use would be exclusively Canadian, you would likely have the service terminated. It is likely a better option to find a Canadian provider compatible with your device! 😊