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After wasting about an hour and a half trying to figure out how to fix it myself, I wasted another hour trying to find support options until finally deciding to make a post here. For the record, the t-mobile app currently tells me "We're working on improving your app experience" and doesn't do anything, and several links to "chat" just take me to a generic support page.

Basically, I got a message this morning saying my account was suspended because I didn't pay. I had autopay set up, so I was obviously confused by this. I logged in to check and now there is a flag saying that I need to update my payment method. I've re-entered the same exact info multiple times, and either it's not updating, or my card is not working, because I keep getting the message. Even weirder, when I try to just cancel autopay, it will say I've done it on some parts of the site and then say that it's still on in other parts.

Whoever reads this, if you could please either help me with figuring this problem out, or let me know of a way I can get other support options working, I'd be extremely grateful. I've done autopay with the same exact card for tons of things in the past, so this has been pretty frustrating.


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Call Customer Care.  They can get your entered manually and make sure everything is setup properly.

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If you have a Facebook or Twitter account , you can contact support using messenger on Tmobile's page.

It will probably be the easiest way?

The app seems to be a bit wonky as of late from other post on here.

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Call Customer Care.  They can get your entered manually and make sure everything is setup properly.


I hope these can add to resolved the concern on this link below please click manage Auto pay you'll have an option to update all info that pertains to Auto pay and payment mehod.

We expect it will processed on time but sometimes its unavoidable sometimes, but with all of this frustrations that we experience rest-asure that t-mobile is trying everyting to lessen the inconvenience to the customers.


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Hey, @magenta9429888​!

Some great tips have been shared here with how to update your AutoPay. Were you able to get the updated info saved? 


Per your advice I went through customer care on the phone and someone entered the information manually for me. Hoping the charge goes through on autopay for next month! Thanks for all your help.

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Awesome, I'm glad to hear! Let us know if you need any other help. 😊

Autopay did not work for me today. This is my first month since my son signed me up.

It IS set correctly, I have the screen shots of the site to prove it.

TMobile how dare you suspend service when AutoPay is ON!

I have to have phone service. It is extremely dangerous where I live do the the Riots and mass destruction right now.

My family went crazy thinking I had been attacked or something because you shut off my service and they could not call me, when you had no right to because your AutoPay is set and you should have taken the payment automatically.

I called 611 on phoen and all i get is an automated system and even that says AutoPay is ON.

Can NOT talk to a real human being.

I forgot to say, that I guess your company is lying to the public and your customers when they advertise and say you are committed to keeping people connected and NOT shutting off service to customers due to payment issues. We are in the middle of a Global Pandemic AND now cival war with rioters and looters. I am in Minneapolis, ground zero of the recent events, 911 Police and Fire does not answer. I have to be able to contact friends and family and you shut off my service when you had no cause! You will be getting a complaint filed to the BBB. Fix your AutoPay. A customer should NOT have to worry about making a manual payment when your system tells them it will pay each month automatically...and amid gunfire, smoke, arsen fires set, whole city blocks being destroyed and military soldiers and trucks sitting just out side my door.

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Did you double check your auto play card and the account to make sure there was enough funds at the time the transaction tried to process?  Is your credit/debit card valid?  They do have expire dates and CVV numbers, all of which need to be correct for the transaction to process.

I have my device for alarm system home  with T-Mobile line 940-745-9046  $3.00/monthly and Its have autopayment quarterly of my credit card. Recently my credit card expire. How can I report to change of payment new credit.

I tried to called talked to Customer Service but they almost ca'nt find my number .They always looked for mobile phone they don't know how to do it.

My cell phone account214-918-9703 have different account.


Steven France

Of course the card is valid and has funds, it is a credit card. Same one that I used to sign up and make first payment last month.

Please stop asking stupid questions and making excuses. Just FIX IT!

I used the same saved payment method to make a manual payment on the site. nothing wrong on my end its your end and system that is broken.

as the many other posts here and other pages say

I too am having AutoPay not work at all. (same as my mother who i signed up and moved over from Republic Wireless who's auto pay worked fine using the same card btw)

2nd time now for me

I have tried setting it up via phone automated system instead. did not work.

I managed to talk to a person last month, they checked it, assured me that Autopay was ACTIVE, set correctly and that it will make the payment on my renewel date and service would not be suspended.

Instead, each time, at about 2am the day of the plan renewal, ($15 Connect) TM suspends the account due to non payment. Cant make calls or anything.

The auto pay system did not, and never makes a payment.

2x now i have gone in via the website and click make a manual payment using the same saved card on file that i set for autopay, and it makes the payment and service is restored.

What app are people talking about where they can use that to pay faster and eaiser. When i install the TM app, is says, sorry we are not ready for your account. I was told that for prepaid accounts, u only have the website to mange things. The app from Google Play store is for post paid accounts only. That is how it was years ago when was on TM pre paid for a while as well.

My auto pay stopped working. I tried to manually pay but tmobiles system keeps rejecting the card. Now i have to go into a tmobile store and i dont really feel so great. Im pretty sure im switching from this service.