Autopay not working

  • 29 August 2019
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My autopay isn't working for 2 months now, and when I called up customer rep, they can't seem to fix the problem. Customer rep told me she'll create the ticket, and halfway through the creation process she hung up on me. Any help?

8 replies

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Has your payment info changed at all?  New and or replacement cards need to be updated.  Even if the card number stays the same, the expiration date and security code do change.

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@syaoran makes a good point! This has happened to me before and it was because I got a new debit card. If it is easier, you can add your back account information to the T-Mobile site instead of a debit/credit card.

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Just checking in here to see if you still need help. Please let us know 😊

This happens to me as well. Every couple months the autopay doesnt add funds to my account. Seems to be random and can only imagine there is some glitch in their billing system.

I installed the Tmobile app onto my phone. When it happens and I get a notification that my account is disabled for lack of payment, I login and manually add funds using the saved credit card on file. The account is reactivated almost immediately.

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I had this issue back when I was a prepaid customer many years ago.  It was a system issue, which made me leave autopay enabled but I manually paid every month through *233 to make sure it got paid.  There are currently issues with the postpaid system as well, because trying to edit or change your card required me to contact Customer Care to do so.  T-Mobile does need to fix these issues with autopay!  My guess is it will get fixed once the Sprint merger is complete, because importing that much of a mess into another mess is probably going to bring down their entire account system.  😜

I have a Discover card set up on auto-pay. Two months ago was the first time it didn't go through. I contacted TMo first. They told me to contact the credit card company. Discover told me the problem wasn't at their end, that the payment was being made but that TMo was "returning" it. I called TMo back and told them this. They had a term for what was happening, I forget it now, it begins with an R. They tried resubmitting the payment to Discover but it wouldn't go through. So I ended up using a different card to turn my phone back on. I looked at my Discover Card activity and saw that TMo was doing payment testing but didn't know the results. A month goes by and the same thing happened. I contacted TMo and they told me that this was a known problem with Discover. I got my phone turned back on by using a different card again. Today, the same thing. I called and got someone very unfamiliar with any of this and had to explain that it wasn't Discover's problem when it was suggested I contact them, and suggested that it the payment was "declined" instead of returned, and that TMo was the only company this was happening to.

When is TMo going to resolve the problem with my Discover card autopay? It's now getting frustrating to call every month, that I have to explain to TMo employees what their known problems are. No, I don't want to set up my other card on autopay because it doesn't have any rewarards program.

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Love the username, Slappy!  😀

I have personally never used a Discover card but I have had the same issues with my Visa credit and debit cards.  Calling and having them delete all other cards on file and then having them manually enter it on their end seems to work.  Unfortunately, you have to go through this every time you want to update your card info or change cards. 

Auto pay not working for me on prepaid.


Rep at store informed me he doesnt even bother to set it up for people since it never works.


Seems like an odd thing to not have working, how the company collects its revenue.


Any plans to get this fixed??