Autopay shutoff for no reason...

  • 29 August 2020
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Super pissed… auto pay shut off for no reason and now I am being charged an extra 10 bucks on the next month, because I had to manually pay it… what is this  T-mobile… super sketchy… remind me again why I don’t leave you right now?

6 replies

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If you pay before the auto pay date, then that wouldn’t result in the extra charge.  If you have to pay after the auto pay date and as a result, need to shut off auto pay to pay a few days later, then the charge will apply.  


I am super pissed that the prepaid website is really not functional.

1). Can’t add Credit card

2). Can’t setup autopay before the deadline,

3). Can’t check payment history and also have no idea if my account is about to run ou tof balance or the balance is for next month

I am an IT professional, but I could no tmake any sense out of their site, making me think maybe they just want to piss off customers so they leave, that way TMo can terminate unprofitable PRepaid service.

Very angry

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Call Customer Care and ask them to add it for you.  Even for Postpaid, the website is a broken steaming pile of shi... 

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Yeah, autopay for my husband ‘s account & my account has been a Disney ride...Mr Toad’s Wild Ride! First, my account would NOT accept money PERIOD! A supervisor finally overrode everything and forced it to take money (3rd try) at which point all 3 payments suddenly went through…:rolling_eyes:. Then, after autopay auto-disabled & had to be re-enabled, it finally worked….the problem was there was still a payment left on the account (prepaid will never reimburse for over-payments so those 3 payments just stayed on account) and autopay is supposed to use the money on account FIRST. However, autopay just charged the card early anyway so I had to turn it off to use the extra money on the account.


All during this, my husband’s account was performing like a pro (charging to the same card as mine, 4 days early - perfect). Then, I turned my autopay off (so it would use the extra payments on the account and not just go get more) and HIS auto pay failed! FOR NO DISCERNIBLE REASON! :open_mouth: Yikes!

Or rather...Weeeee! :upside_down:

Well, looks like it’s starting again … TMo shut off my autopay for no reason.  All lines busy “call back later” repeat repeat repeat.  

Our autopay was deactivated last month as well.


Once i have a chance, i am calling to get the late fee refunded, as i have a feeling it was related to TMobile’s lax security/ data breach last month.


They screw up & try to make me pay :clown: