autopay vs payment aggrement

  • 3 March 2021
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i just switched from sprint to t-mobile and it was truly a painful experience on the sprint side.  after 5 hours in the store and more than a week later - it looks like we are finally successfully set up.  

when i finally got into my t-mobile acct, i attempted to set up auto pay.  when i was finished, it said i had successfully set up a “payment agreement”. 

i received a credit on my account today from the store for all of our trouble.  when i go to look at my account, my balance due is less than what my “payment agreement” is set up for and there is no option to cancel it.  so how do i cancel it, so that it will pay what is due today and not what it was set up for 2 days ago?  i just want to cancel the “payment agreement” and set it up for autopay!!!!

2 replies

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Auto Pay will collect what was due when the payment processes.  Payments usually process a couple of days before the Auto Pay date.  Once an Auto Pay payment has started to process, it can't be canceled.  


thank you