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  • 15 October 2022
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I was been giving wrong information each and every time when i visit their store or call the customer service.
I was in a need of Family Plan with 5 lines of which every member of the family plan would like to do a trade-in (on-going promotion at t-mobile on Iphone cell phones) their cell phone to get new iphone 14 series cell phones and join the family plan for the mobile service. So, i initially went to the store and checked on my requirement after doing the soft enquiry on my credit they said it is possible. So, on 6th October 2022 i did take new family plan by name Magenta Max and activated 3 lines initially and did place an order couple of phones under BOGO promotion. The next day 7th October 2022 i visited the same store with couple of friends to do the trade-in and in the process they tell me the trade-in are related to Credit limit and at that point i have only credit limit for one trade-in only and for any additional trade-in i have to pay high down payment, which is almost closure to the cost of the cell phone. So, we came back without doing any trade-in to think and take next step. From the next minute i'm calling the customer service on daily basis to check on this regards and each time each representative tell me different options and it doesnt match.
For ex: One agent by name Maichel tells they will increase the credit limit that is required to do the 3 trade-ins after 3 members do the port-in and join the family plan. I was happy to hear that and slept for the night. Next day morning i did call back the customer service to check on what Maichel told and they say it is false and it is not possible. After talking to couple of representatives and their managers each had their own interpretation and perception and not giving any solution on what i was promised. Another lady representative by name 'Cole' tells that process of increasing credit limit exists however they can only do that is sufficient for 2 trade-ins but not the 3rd trade-in.  I was completely pissed off with the information they are providing me and asked for cancellation. One representative tells me i will be refunded full amount i paid so far, as it is within 15 days of service activation. One representative tells that you did purchase the family plan and phones at the store. The store had different policies and we are not aware of it as the owner of the store is different. I did cross question on this and she had no answer.

The concern i would like to bring to your notice is on false promises being made with limited knowledge of the staff is costing lot of time, efforts and emotional peace of the customers.

They dont do call backs as promised. I dont know how to escalate this and writing here.

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