Bait and Switch - Trade in SCAM

  • 20 May 2022
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Why? I traded my 3 phones for the free phone promo last Aug.  Thinking my 3 devices will be almost free. I called customer service right away when they charged me $20 something for each phone monthly to complain. Customer assured me that they will fix the problem and rest assured that no monthly devices fee will be charged moving forward. It happenned again a month after then same promises then another month again...and every month I call ( about 8 months with more than 8 rep that I talked  with same promises)  What shall I do now? I am tired of calling and to waste my time. How can I file a complaint?

5 replies

I suggest filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau.


I just had the same thing happen!  I have it in writing from multiple reps that as a new customer my new iPhone 13 would be free.  After the fact, they are now telling me that I only get $400 off!  They say nothing they can do, even though a supervisor said it was a problem with the promo and that she had fixed it!  Had I known TMobile was a company without integrity and honesty, I never would have switched!

I was promised an $800 credit per line without turning in my old iPhone. I got nothing. Very upset with this bait and switch tactic. 

I was upgrading my phones, checked on the app, it said my phone was worth $800. Went to the store the next day, showed them the screen, he said yep. Did the deal, signed for them taking my phones, or so I thought, when I was actually signed a contract to pay $31 extra month on my phones. They never said anything to me that to get the $800 I would have to add a line. Started calling within a couple of days when I had another issue about getting an Apple Watch that I was told was $199 and I would own the watch, he rang it up, nope $365. I said keep it. Called and found out I was only getting the $400 trade in value. Explained to that rep, he said I will fix it, it will take a few days, I will call you back, surprise no call and no change. Talked to a supervisor after a tower outage had me without service for over a week at my house. Got $50 credit and told my bill would be over $200, explained it again and she said that I would have to add a line, I said no one to add a line for, and explained to her the situation, she checked came back said my bill would be $113 for this month and $170 after my accessories were paid off, nothing about having to turn in a device or make monthly payments. Called another supervisor 2 weeks ago, told her everything and was told she would pull the calls and listen, she called me today to tell me she found the calls but since the rep told me about having to add a line there was nothing for me to do. I said tell me in there where she said I had monthly payments, she couldn’t, I said did you hear her tell me at the end of the conversation that my bill was 113 for this month and after accessory payoff it would be 170? She danced around it. I told her well great I am stuck for 2 years, so congratulations you win, but I will NEVER. EVER give your company a positive review, don’t even send me the survey and I hung up

Report this to the Attorney General in the state of the store that you bought your your phone in. If you made your purchase online, then report this to the Attorney General of the state that you live in. Print out the ad and keep all the documentation that provides support of the bait and switch.