Being asked why I am downloading my bill

  • 4 December 2021
  • 1 reply


I have to download my tmobile bill every month to submit it for reimbursement for my work. Everytime I click to view my bill, the website asks me why I am downloading my bill. How do I turn this pop-up question off? 

I understand asking it once for survey reasons, but it is just annoying at this point. If I click it is for reimbursement reasons, can tmobile please have logic built in that I most likely am doing it for the same reason each month.

Further, making customers have to complete a survey to then allow them to see how much you are trying to charge them is ridiculous. Generally persons get paid for completing surveys. Tmobile has managed to get customers to offer up survey information without paying the people taking the survey. Please turn this feature off. 

1 reply

+1 to this.